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Ten Stories We’ve Enjoyed This Week

Saturday 19th July 2014

1) From WARC – The 100 smartest marketing campaigns in the world ( ht @Faris) Interesting stuff and a really eclectic blend here, including – Vodafone, AMEX , Philippines Dept of Tourism, P&G and Art Series Hotels. 

2) Snapchat Adds Filters That Unlock Art Based on Your Location. 

3) Its 45 years since the first moon landing. Here are some fabulous pictures from that day 

…and here is what it might have looked like if it had been directed by Stanley Kubrick (video). 

4) Wonderfully done. If you are missing the World Cup here you can relive the Greatest World Cup Moments with this hand drawn Flip Book. 

5) Rupert Murdoch is after Time Warner. He’s had a £8 billion offer refused …… But he is really after HBO. 

6) Nice piece of Branded and useful Content from Heineken – Their @wherenext service helps users find their city’s hot spots. 

7) Yahoo Seeks to Bring the Concert to Your Couch – If successful, the program will help establish Screen, Yahoo’s video site and competitor to YouTube. For Live Nation, the world’s biggest concert promoter, and the rest of the music industry, it could create a franchise for online concerts. 

8) Interesting perspective from MIT – Forget the Wisdom of Crowds – Neurobiologists reveal The Wisdom of the Confident. 

9) Extraordinary – Journalist Ryan Block records the already infamousComcast customer service call from hell. 

10) Nicely done. Lego’s ‘Doctor Who’ 50th Anniversary Video Tribute.