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Stories From This Week

30th January 2021

Really interesting visual piece on The Future Of Fandoms – ‘a rapidly emerging cultural and commercial currency’. From Zoe Scaman, Founder at Bodacious.

A Collection of All the 2021 Trend Decks. If you like poring over trend decks this is a treat. This collection includes trends in tech, social, consumer, space, and more from the likes of Deloitte, Brandwatch, Dentsu, MIT, We Are Social, WGSN, and Trendwatch. Also see tab for review of 2020.

Jimmy Wales’ favourite Wikipedia page ,apparently. Interesting take on comedy, apparently it all seems to be about the letter ‘k’.

A new wave of apps are baking the immediacy and rawness of audio into the core experience of social media, making voice the way people connect again. The Future of Social might be Audio. 

Wonderful. discussing skateboarding with filmmaker Werner Herzog(3’54”).

A couple of tongue in cheek campaigns from the world of travel, this week…Firstly, the Lapland town of Salla highlights climate crisis with a 2032 Olympics campaign and New Zealand wants people to stop ‘traveling under the social influence’ (2’31”).

From geniussteals. ‘Understandably, we are living in a period of intense nostalgia, as we reflect on the things that brought us joy pre-pandemic. However, is nostalgia good or bad for mindfulness? Despite the temporary relief that nostalgia brings us, can heavy reflection actually harm our daily mental health? Noel Hunter, PsyD, notes that a healthier route includes a balance of past and future nostalgia – memories we are creating in the present.

This is great fun, if you can take the abuse. How Bad Is Your Spotify?  An A.I. project from The Pudding*, that asks you to connect your Spotify and then engages you in a text conversation about how bad your music choices are. (2 min play) (*is a digital publication that explains ideas debated in culture with visual essays.)

According to The Ringer, these are the 50 best cult movies. But, isn’t the best one missing?

A 23 bed detached house for sale in Portsmouth (£4.24m). Looks nice. Just one catch…