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Is social media really bad for literacy?

8th July 2013

Interesting research from Brandwatch came out on the 4th July. This named Twitter as ‘the most ‘illiterate social network’ .

The above quote came from PC Mag’s coverage of the research –http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2421380,00.asp, whilst on the Brandwatch website an infographic highlights the ‘Social Spelling Hall of Shame’ – http://www.brandwatch.com/2013/05/research-shows-twitter-is-driving-english-language-evolution/

I have two observations with regards to this research.

Firstly, the headline is misleading. Look at the data, and if there is a problem it’s not a very big one. On Twitter only .56%, or one in 179 words are mis-spelt.

Secondly, it strongly implies there is a negative connection between literacy and social media

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