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This Week’s Top Ten Stories

17th May 2014

1) The Atlantic on censorship and the EU’s ruling, on the right to be forgotten. Very likely to benefit those who really have got something to hide. 

Jimmy Wales was especially vociferous in his attacks on the ruling, making reference to ‘First They Came’, the poem by Martin Niemoller, regarding the cowardice of German intellectuals, following the Nazi Party’s rise to power. 

2) So, what have we learned from Google + ? Includes – ”building around people problems not company ones, the impact of perceived benefit vs perceived effort, and the “deep dichotomy between… messy reality and software builders’ desire for structured data”. 

3) From Econsultancy – Introducing The Periodic Table of Content Marketing. 

4) For George Lucas’s 70th birthday this week, if Shakespeare had written Star Wars. 

5) The New York Times on The National September 11 Memorial Museum at Ground Zero. 

6) The marvellous Rory Sutherland on ‘Removing The Twilight Zone of Uncertainty’ ( video ). 

7) 500 years later, have they found the wreck of Christopher Columbus’s ship the Santa Maria? 

8) World population:
1 China 2 India 3 Facebook 4 Tencent 5 E.U 6 WhatsApp 7 United States 
8 Google+ 9 Indonesia 10 LinkedIn 11 Twitter. 

9) James Surowiecki tries to understand what attracts people to the highly risky world of Internet startups: “The fact that most new businesses fail is hardly a secret. So why are so many people gambling on ventures that are likely to end badly?” 

10) Quite extraordinary ( and of course the reason internet was invented). A cat attacks and chases off a dog that is attacking a child. 

This Week’s Top Ten Stories

26th April 2014

1) Bill Shakespeare’s was 450 this week. Here are 50 everyday phrases that he bequeathed us … and for all fans of the Bard, I rather liked this word that I picked up on this week – Bardalator – someone who idolises Shakespeare. 

2) From Technology Review – which of the current technological developments are likely to stand the test of time? Agricultural drones, Maps of the brain and Agile Robots all make the list.

3) Anyone who has seen the film Gravitywill understand the destructive impact of random items orbiting the earth at speed. Apparently there are 135 million pieces of junk which are orbiting Earth at 18,000 mph – and U.S. space dominance is in danger of being ripped to shreds.

4) People Magazine’s most beautiful person in the world is Lupita Nyong’o. Lupita had a difficult childhood which she addressed with great poignancy in a recent speech on race and beauty. 

5) This chart shows which Social Channels are really good at driving traffic ( and which are not ) ‘Pinterest drives 7.10% of Web traffic that sites receive, second only to Facebook (21.25%), and leagues ahead of other social sites like Twitter, Reddit, StumbleUpon and LinkedIn. In the first quarter of 2014, the company drove 48.36% more traffic than it did at the end of 2013.’

6) Seems that some (big and high profile) organisations are still making mistakes when it comes to social media. Here The New York Police Department took to Twitter to solicit photos of police officers in the community, but the move fell flat with people instead posting images of alleged police brutality.

7) Not too long ago there were considerable fears that the internet and reliance electronic devices would separate and isolate individuals in society. Quite the opposite seems to be happening – the connectedness provided by the web has made new and surprisingly strong connections between devices ( and people) The positive power of the web nicely extrapolated here – How Airbnb and Lyft got Americans to finally trust one another. 

8) Charting deaths on Mount Everest. As the Sherpas threaten strike action following the avalanche that killed 16 people, an interesting perspective from Outside’s Grayson Shaffer : ‘If, say, 1 percent of American college-aged raft guides or ski instructors were dying on the job (the mortality rate of Everest Sherpas) — the guiding industry would vanish.”

9) Which celebrities are your kids looking at on their mobile phones? The NYT takes a look at the Weird World of Internet Fame. 

10) Google Street View now lets you go back in time. 

And finally, a fabulous cockney birds eye view : East London from the Air.