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Ten Stories From This Week

9th October 2020

Prof. Scott Galloway’s (of NYU), ‘Post’ Corona livestream.Themes include – Decades in Days, Dispersion : Education and Healthcare, A ‘K’ shaped recovery and Dysfunction to Dystopian. Don’t be put off by thelength (47′,08″) , this is mesmerising and profound stuff. (conclusions are just past 41 minutes). 

Benedict Evans, on the end of the American internet. 80-90% of internet users are now outside the USA, there are more smartphone users in China than in the USA and western Europe combined, and thecreation of venture-based startups has gone global.

Compelling long read from Ben Thompson on anti-monopoly and anti-trust. ‘The big question is if the status quo will change: right now the anti-monopolists are still a decided minority, at least as far as tech companies go. These four companies are amongst the most popular in the U.S., and that was before the pandemic, when the tech industry kept the entire economy afloat for those with the luxury to complain about ads, and provided free entertainment for those that don’t. At the same time, thepolitical sands are shifting…

A couple of perspectives from Contagious on Gen Z. Make your brand the band, not the cover song and ‘Scar Tissue’ – predictions of thelong term behavioural scars of the 2020 recession on Gen Z. 

It is World Mental Health Day tomorrow. Alastair Campbell on the second pandemic. ‘On the shoulders of Covid comes a wave of mental illness that the UK is not prepared for. Would the police, fire and ambulance service tell the car crash victim to wait two weeks to see someone? I don’t think so. It shows how far we are from genuine parity between physical and mental health.’

Mozilla wants to unf**k the internet (15″)

Republican colouring books and Democratic hand sanitiser  – comparing Presidential campaign merchandise. Donald Trump and Joe Biden are using their merch to one-up each other. 

Adobe’s Flash will soon be no more.   This is how flash games shaped the video industry.

Google’s latest innovation is a filter that Van Goghs you.

An extraordinary collision of worlds. Dallas, Texas, 1963. British DJ John Peel in the same room as Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby.