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Ten Stories We’ve Enjoyed This Week

27th October 2019

Nice piece from Aeon. ‘When you stare at your phone or use Uber to navigate your neighbourhood, you flatten the rich texture of urban life’ This is the City on Mute.

Great deck from Julian Cole at Planning Dirty. ‘Here’s the scientific proof for Comms Planning. Comms Planning recommends one idea customized to different times and channels.’

From Wired. ‘Why sport is the next frontier for Twitch. Twitch is facing increased competition from Microsoft’s Mixer but the company has big plans for its move into sport live-streaming.’

Although they would perhaps say this, here is The Economist’s review of a biography of Walter Bagehot – ‘the newspapers greatest editor and The Greatest Victorian….’

According to the FT, newspapers are on a roll again – ‘As newspapers’ traditional revenue sources have been sliced away by online competition,several of the world’s super-wealthy have stepped in to fill the financing gap.’ Meanwhile, LinkedIn now has a newsroom of 65 journalists, and it’s hiring more.

From 1843 Magazine. How the ‘Slav Squat’ became an internet sensation…’.The pose is an ironic impersonation of a gopnik, the stereotype of a young working-class Russian that many people from former Soviet-bloc countries recognise. Adidas sportswear and cheap alcohol are optional accessories. In a nod to a shared heritage, squats are being popped from Bulgaria to Belarus’…..and here Boris shows us how to do it.

A perspective on tourism from the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) – ‘We need to redefine and reorient tourism. It must be built around the needs and rights of local communities who reside in popular tourist destinations. We redefine tourism as the process of such communities inviting, receiving and hosting visitors for a limited duration, with the intention of benefiting from such actions.’

…And in contrast, for some in China, the aim of travel is to create 15-second videos. ‘It’s not about where you’ve been, it’s about where you’re seen to have been’.

Bonkers. Here are some of Buster Keaton’s most amazing stunts. HT @davidpearlhere.

Here is (friend of the Filter) Street Wisdom’s short summary video of this year’s Worldwide Wander, including my event from Borough Market in London.

Poetic wisdom appears on a building in Las Vegas in a new sunlight-activated installation by Daku.

Not usually a fan of ‘altruisitc’ big corporate advertising, but this is a great piece of creative, promoting a worthwhile cause. A seminal piece of English prose brought powerfully to life. It was the best of times…