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Ten Stories We Have Enjoyed This Week

5th September 2015

1) You really don’t need to work so much. From The New Yorker: ‘In white-collar jobs, the amount of work can expand infinitely through the generation of false necessities-that is, reasons for driving people as hard as possible that have nothing to do with real social or economic needs’.

2) This may (or may not) be news to you,  but People are having less Sex; in fact 20% less today, than in the year 2000. ‘Durex decided to run a global brand campaign to initiate a cultural conversation to try and tackle this issue, with the aim of creating a positive impact on our personal relationships’ (video)

3) ‘Fly with Air France’. According to Google, this spot for Air France is the most popular travel company video so far in 2015 with over 50 million views. In the runners-up spots, there are videos for Boeing Dreamliner, Turkish Airlines, a Legoland Hotel spot, and a video for Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary.

4) From Wired Magazine, 10 must read articles for September. Including – Apple’s plan to make original programming, 87,596 ‘women’ have signed up to Ashley Madison (post crisis) and  Google’s self driving cars are heading to Texas…

5) Explore Space for Yourself. This startup is working on creating a virtual reality experience that allows regular people to see what, until now,  only astronauts have had the opportunity to witness.

6) From Think With Google: Designing ‘TV’ Ads for YouTube – the first 5 seconds are key, after this viewers can, and often do, skip the advertising. The best way to tackle this problem,  is through Humour.

7) The Looming Problem That Could Kill Bitcoin. (The) ‘gloomy prediction stems from the fact that Bitcoin can’t process more than seven transactions a second. That’s a tiny volume compared to the tens of thousands per second that payment systems like Visa can handle.’

8) From @neilperkin – People’s lifespans are getting longer, but those of Companies are getting markedly shorter: … ‘the average lifespan of a company in the S&P 500 index has decreased from 61 years in 1958 to just 18 years today, a run rate that would mean that by 2027, more than three-quarters of the S&P 500 will be companies that we have not yet heard of‘.

9) Watch ants weirdly circle an iPhone when it rings.  They are almost as obsessed as we are…

10) …and finally , just in case you missed them, here are all TEN of Miley Cyrus’s VMA outfits ranked  from bad to worse.

Ten Stories We Have Enjoyed This Week

31st July 2015

1) The Future of the Web… by the man who invented it – “The information that publishers and networks obtain from tracking people’s internet use allows them to understand their weaknesses, fears and ‘hopes and dreams’.”

2) Great new book from Lucy Kung as featured on Radio 4’s Media Show – Innovators in Digital News.

“What are The Guardian, The New York Times, BuzzFeed and Vice doing right? This book looks at several key players in the digital news industry and draws on extensive first-hand research inside the organisations”.

3) Turning Bridges into Music
‘What does the Brooklyn Bridge actually sound like? The recording is a sustained, rumbling whistle, like a finger run around the rim of a wine glass in a deep cave’

4) How brand-new words spread. An interesting animated infographic – ‘Words spread like weeds-seemingly at random but actually governed by invisible forces. Look away for too long, and suddenly new ones are emerging from who knows where.

5) Interesting piece from Charles Arthur of The Guardian – The adblocking revolution is months away (with iOS 9) – with trouble for advertisers, publishers and Google.

6) War Child subverts Call of Duty games with a video portraying the nightmare of being a warzone kid

7) Great piece from @neilperkin – On The End of Apps (as we know them). ‘How we experience content via connected devices – laptops, phones, tablets, wearables – is undergoing a dramatic change. The idea of an app as an independent destination is becoming less important, and the idea of an app as a publishing tool, with related notifications that contain content and actions, is becoming more important.’

8) Malcolm Gladwell’s speech on the ‘Snapchat problem, the Facebook problem, the Airbnb problem’. Malcolm has told a data-driven marketing technologist crowd that data is not their salvation. In fact, it could be their curse. “More data increases our confidence, not our accuracy… I want to puncture marketers’ confidence and show you where data can’t help us.”

9) Great fun. The first and final frames from some great movies.

10) It’s holiday season, which is great news for holidaymakers; but the rapid rise in tourist numbers is having a negative impact on some of the worlds most popular destinations. On this topic, from my blog last week – Far From The Madding Crowd…? Tourism in the 21st Century.


This Week’s Top Ten Stories

12th April 2014

1) From the great @Adcontrarian (Bob Hoffman) speaking at the Advertising Week conference, on The Golden Age of Bullshit. 

2) Interesting piece on how social media accelerates access to new and different information – a new study by Newsworks and Twitter has found that 60% of respondents had engaged with News brands on Twitter, that they wouldn’t typically read in print.

3) Everything you need to know about the Heartbleed Virus. 

4) From Frederic Filloux – Why Religion is a safer bet than Facebook – ‘Casting doubt on Facebook’s future is like going to Rome and questioning the existence of God. It’s not the right venue to do so….. Why then, question Facebook’s future? Mainly for two reasons: ARPU evolution and diversification’.

5) So they may soon find Flight 370, but just how deep could the aircraft be? Take a look at this amazing graph to really understand the Depth of The Problem – It could be 15,000 feet down.

6) This high impact ad should probably put you off texting while driving.

7) If Social Networks were Game of Thrones Houses – ‘When you play the game of social media, you win or you die’.

The new series is on our screens, but If you have missed out on the story so far, here is a re-cap from Wired. 

And (gruesome alert) here is every on-screen death from the first three seasons of the show. 

8) InFocus, from The Atlantic, has some great shots from Smithsonian Magazine’s photo contest. 

9) Interesting piece from @neilperkin’s, @fraggl feed: “‘Big data’ has arrived, but big insights have not. The challenge now is to solve new problems and gain new answers – without making the same old statistical mistakes on a grander scale than ever. Tim Harford from Undercover Economist, asks whether we’re making a Big mistake with Big Data. 

10) How to explain Bitcoin to your Mum (comic strip) I think, with this, I finally get it….