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Ten Stories From This Week

10th July 2021

Great piece on the current period of uncertainty, considered from the parallel, historical perspective of the eruption on Mount Tambora in Indonesia in 1815. The devastating impact this event had and how, out of the crisis, modern agriculture was born- ‘We Have No Idea What Happens Next’.

Really like this from from Business Insider. ‘Time is seen in a particularly different light by Eastern and Western cultures, and even within these groupings assumes quite dissimilar aspects from country to country.’ This is how different cultures understand time. (we have linear, multi-active and cyclic).

Smashing idea, wonderful result. 100% of bars supported by Heineken’s Grand Prix-Winning, Shutter Ads idea, have re-opened. This campaign turned locked down bar shutters into media space and showed that purpose-driven and commercially impactful creative ideas are not mutually exclusive.

Nice from @geniusteals. Culture & trends report from YouTube. References specific videos or channels which you can add to your playlist. You could use it for your next presentation, or simply for a way to discover some new YouTube content.

TikTok is upending the book industry. “BookTok” has sent old books back to the top of bestseller lists and helped launch the careers of new authors. Videos with the BookTok hashtag have been viewed a collective 12.6 billion times and getting more people to take up the hugely fulfilling habit of reading.

GOGOSOHO: Celebrating the independent spirit of the eternally cool London neighbourhood.

Nice guide from, friend of The Filter, Greenwood Campbell. The Human Guide to Tech, Summer 2021 Edition. Challenge, Adapt and Thrive.

Artist Jan Is De Man asked residents of an apartment building to identify a treasured possession — then painted an image of that possession on the side of the building. Images on Street Art Utopia.

Magnum gives poet Dante and muse Beatrice a kiss to remember for International Kissing Day (6th July). Over 700 years ago Dante fell in love with his muse Beatrice and some of his most famous works were inspired by her. But despite his dedication, their love never happened. To celebrate Dante’s anniversary and International Kissing Day, Magnum, the brand that is about pleasure and art, has finally brought them together. (1’28”)

Take a virtual tour of the Statue of Liberty.