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Ten Stories We’ve Enjoyed This Week

8th November

1) What Are Literature, Philosophy & History For? Alain de Botton Explains with Monty Python-Style Videos.
2) From @uppingyourelvis – 4 common behaviours of Mediaweek Award Winners.

3) What makes a Strategist ?

4) 3D printing in China allows a man to regain use of his legs.

5) Is Snapchat’s advertising strategy going to Fly ?

6) Just in case you are interested…  Five Ways to lie with Charts.

7) In the age of animated GIFs and viral images, is it possible to re-invent the magazine cover in a way that can really grab your attention? From Gizmodo,How  Businessweek is reinventing the magazine cover.

8) On the back of a pretty big election this week in the States, it is worth mentioning that the world is more democratic than ever.

…and in another election stateside –  Alaska, Oregon, and Washington D.C. all voted to legalise pot.

9) I’m doing my bit – Take a look in the mirror and you’ll understand how your beard is killing the shaving industry.

10) Totally awesome – if you drop a bowling ball and a feather at the same time, which will land first? You think you know the answer? Take a look again with Brian Cox…..

And finally –

Every thing is more fun in Space – Astronauts Encase A GoPro In A Water Sphere.

10 Stories We’ve Enjoyed This Week

5th July 2014

1) Create UK – Ad industry joins scheme to put creative industries at heart of economic growth. The five-point plan focuses on education and skills, finance, infrastructure, intellectual property and international exports . Includes a £16m creative skills fund that will invest in apprenticeships and support new talent. 

2) Yosemite is 150 years old – On June 30 1864, Abraham Lincoln, in the midst of the Civil War, signed the Yosemite Land Grant in an effort to protect and preserve one of America’s most majestic places for future generations.Wonderful images of this beautiful place and a video here. 

3) The winners from this year’s ITV’s Thinkbox Planning Awards.Including – Sony Playstation, John Lewis, Just Eat, Ministry of Sound, East Coast Trains and Prostrate Cancer. 

4) Mobile Ad Spending To fly Past Newspapers, Magazines, Radio This Year. 

5) For me, it was always a book that conjured up powerful mental pictures –Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis ( one hundred years old this year ) is here brought to life in the style of a children’s picture book. 

6) From @mariapopova – Malcolm Gladwell on Criticism, Tolerance and Changing Your Mind “That’s your responsibility as a person, as a human being – to constantly be updating your positions on as many things as possible. And if you don’t contradict yourself on a regular basis, then you’re not thinking.” 

7) Sheryl Sandberg’s non-apology, as Facebook secretly ‘toyed with some users emotions for scientific purposes’. 

“There’s no review process, per se. Anyone on that team could run a test. They’re always trying to alter peoples’ behaviour.” The WSJ takes you inside Facebook’s data lab where experiments had few limits. 

8) Funny – Ten tricks to appear smart during a meeting. 

9) Is 3D Printing the next Industrial Revolution? A TED Video. 

10) Mick Jagger introduces Monty Python Live.