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Ten Stories We’ve Enjoyed This Week

22nd September 2019

Great piece on the impact of You Tube. ‘Since its founding, popular consensus has been that the video service is making people dumber. Indeed, modern video media may shorten attention spans and distract from longer-form means of communication, such as written articles or books. But critically overlooked is its unlocking a form of mass-scale tacit knowledge transmission which is historically unprecedented, facilitating the preservation and spread of knowledge that might otherwise have been lost.’

Scott Galloway’s, unsurprisingly direct, perspective on the gathering crisis around We Work’s cancelled IPO. ‘The firm will be forced to sell equity/issue debt at a price substantially lower than they had anticipated. A price unimaginable just 30 days ago. ‘We’ has gone from unicorn to distressed asset in 30 days. In just seven days, it lost more value than the three biggest losers in the S&P 500 have lost in the last year combined: Macy’s, Nektar Therapeutics, and Kraft Heinz.’

Some interesting perspectives on this thread, pertaining to the launch ofFacebook’s Portal (Messenger meets Alexa), outside the US. Some scepticism – ‘I think Facebook Portal is analogous to the [Amazon] Fire Phone. It’s a solution in search of a problem, and there are already really good solutions out there.’ ..and in contrast, some positivity – ‘Vs video calling on your phone, Portal is a lot more like hanging out. You don’t have to be doing anything. That, I think, is something that is interesting.’

The design of healthier living environments for wellness-minded consumers, is giving rise to the Wellness Architects.

From The Great Big Story – ‘Recording The Signs Of Extinction  – .. charting how wildlife sounds have changed over the course of climate change. Listen for yourself: the rising silence speaks volumes‘…

From Farnham St (‘signal in a world full of noise’) – The Evolutionary Benefit Of FriendshipHealthy friendships offer far more than a reliable person to share a beer with. Research shows they can make us healthier, wealthier, happier and overall more successful. Here’s how. 

US singer Jennifer Lopez has revived her iconic green Versace dress that led to the invention of Google Images. Lopez, 50, first wore the gown to the Grammy Awards in February 2000. Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt later revealed there were so many searches for photos of the dress afterwards, it inspired them to create Google Images.

Another Spider- Man film? If like me, you are becoming bored with this franchise, then this a refreshing take. A short Spider – Man piece written in the style of JD Salinger.

Sandy Hook Promise returns with harrowing back-to-school ad to address mass shootings.

Brilliant. HT @neilperkin. Love this twitter account – Soviet Soldiers Dancing @communistbops