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This Week’s Top Ten Stories from The Digital Filter

9th February

1) Facebook launches Facebook Paper alongside it’s existing offering in the app store. Only currently available in the US, commentators are saying this is the future of Facebook on mobile – read more. 
This is what Facebook themselves are saying about it. Watch the video here– read more. And this is nice – to celebrate it’s 10th birthday, each user gets their own video of highlights from the last 10 years – Read More 

2) Microsoft have a new ( and young CEO ) who hails from Hyderabad, India Here is the Times of India on why Satya Nadella will be different from Steve Ballmer – read more. 
…and this is how they make their money – Office first , then Windows – which is fast being caught by the server business. Entertainment (xbox) is tiny and Bing is still losing money, although not as much as before – Read More 

3) NASA shows 60 years of climate change in 15 seconds Note – increasing amounts of orange and red are not good – Read More 

4) Where were you when JFK died? My grandparents and parents remembered exactly where they were , and a similar event for my generation was the death of Princess Diana. This piece from The New Yorker looks at how we now gather and share the news, with reference to the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman – Death still means that people go looking for answers, but now they use Google. Real-time chronology, trending subjects, and curated news feeds mean that the Internet, with its mix of individual expression and automated sorting, writes the first draft of the eulogy – read more. 

and on the same topic – Rush : ‘ How breaking news is breaking us’ –Within the space of 17 minutes, the Internet-accessing world may have known that Philip Seymour Hoffman had been found dead in his apartment before his three young children, with whom he was scheduled to spend the day, and his longtime partner, Mimi O’Donnell.” The WSJ broke the story with a tweet. And within a few minutes it was everywhere. But would it have really mattered if all of us found out about it a few hours later? That’s a question we no longer even ask these days. We’re in too much of a rush for that – Read More 

5) (As we know) real time social media can be dangerous. JC Penney got plenty of coverage when these badly spelt tweets went out during the Superbowl – Toughdown Seadawks!! Is sSeattle going toa runaway wit h this??? and Who kkmew theis was ghiong tob e a baweball ghamle. They then sought to recover with this – Oops…Sorry for the typos. We were #TweetingWithMittens. Wasn’t it supposed to be colder? Enjoy the game! –Read More 

6) Interesting post from Econsultancy on how ‘Content Marketing’ is just another term for ‘Advertising’ – Content marketing and advertising clearly aren’t as separated as they’re made out to be. One does not replace the other, and we can stop worrying about the apparent ‘lack of budget’ for content marketing. We’re just dressing it up differently, that’s all – Read More 

7) Some fabulous pictures here – The 2014 Sony World Photography Awards – Read More 

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