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Ten Stories We Have Enjoyed This Week

19th Feb 2018

Love this take. ‘What the Russians are accused of doing was not only a unique incursion into American democracy, it was also, at its simplest, a highly effective digital-advertising campaign. Ad industry Insiders create a campaign to give Russian Hackers proper credit for their achievements.’

From The Economist : This book predicted most of the tensions tearing contemporary Britain apart. ‘A wonderful volume, it not only reveals the deeper reasons for all the bizarre convulsions. It also explains why things are not likely to get better any time soon. The book is Michael Young’s “The Rise of the Meritocracy”—and it was published in 1958.’

A year after P&G ignited debate in the digital marketing industry around industry measurement, Unilever have started another important discussion regarding social platforms, and the urgent need for them to become safer places for their users. ‘The quandary for marketers is that they realise public trust in the social platforms and corporations is nose-diving, and their brand risks a negative rub-off by advertising on a platform that’s polluted with misinformation or offensive content. At the same time, they can’t replace the platforms’ audience and user data elsewhere.

Autonomous vehicles are soon going to be widespread and in many ways this seem like a very good thing. But this piece relating travel sickness, raises one serious drawback. In a world where we will all be passengers, and are not looking at the road ahead, this could be a huge issue. Possible solutions to avoid a motion sickness epidemic could be glasses , light, rushing air or even vibrating seats.

These are the five cities selected, by NESTA, to develop the future of drone operations in the UK –  Bradford, London, Preston, Southampton and the West Midlands. These cities will now work with NESTA, over the next five months to look at how drones could be used in their communities. From using drones to support public services to the commercial opportunities that might exist, they’ll explore the public attitudes, environmental impact, logistics and safety of drones operating in complex urban environments.

This is a very nice activational idea from Hills BalfourMDSG (friends of the Filter) and Visit Las Vegas, to counter the January blues and announce a new direct British Airways flight from Dublin to Las Vegas.The Doctor will see you now….

Valentine’s Day. Here are the ten most shared ads on Facebook. An eclectic mix has Virgin Atlantic  Amazon and Co-op Insurance in the top 3.

Robots have typically only demonstrated limited cooperation with each other thus far, but this short clip demonstrates just how collaborative and polite these Boston Dynamics pet robots are. It’s a positive move — so long as the robots remain friendly……

On a more upbeat note here is the most recent short video release (and Vimeo Staff Pick) from Passion Pictures‘ ‘Joy’ Series. This is Joy and the Heron. 

‘It’s nearly the end of the week. Time is dragging and emails are weighing you down. Here is something that can brighten your mood, and it’s right here, free and ready for you to mash that replay button’: Bollywood dance videos synced up perfectly with Kendrick Lamar songs.