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Ten Stories We’ve Enjoyed This Week

8th November

1) What Are Literature, Philosophy & History For? Alain de Botton Explains with Monty Python-Style Videos.
2) From @uppingyourelvis – 4 common behaviours of Mediaweek Award Winners.

3) What makes a Strategist ?

4) 3D printing in China allows a man to regain use of his legs.

5) Is Snapchat’s advertising strategy going to Fly ?

6) Just in case you are interested…  Five Ways to lie with Charts.

7) In the age of animated GIFs and viral images, is it possible to re-invent the magazine cover in a way that can really grab your attention? From Gizmodo,How  Businessweek is reinventing the magazine cover.

8) On the back of a pretty big election this week in the States, it is worth mentioning that the world is more democratic than ever.

…and in another election stateside –  Alaska, Oregon, and Washington D.C. all voted to legalise pot.

9) I’m doing my bit – Take a look in the mirror and you’ll understand how your beard is killing the shaving industry.

10) Totally awesome – if you drop a bowling ball and a feather at the same time, which will land first? You think you know the answer? Take a look again with Brian Cox…..

And finally –

Every thing is more fun in Space – Astronauts Encase A GoPro In A Water Sphere.