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Ten Stories We Have Enjoyed This Week

13th Sept 2014

1) Now this is a commitment to learning 25 Of The Most Dangerous And Unusual Journeys To School In The World.

2) So Apple have launched a time piece. Personally I love the way they
( along with other integrated mobile brands ) put the watch industry on the breadline – how many young people do you know who wear a watch? They are now trying to convince us that watches are back. From the New YorkerHow Apple will convince you to buy an iWatch.

From Campaign Magazine How the iWatch will change advertising forever.

And of course – The Fashion Perspective.

3) TMZ , the digital celebrity tabloid is becoming famous for it’s big news scoops and its somewhat offensive everyday sports coverage. Why is it so successful?

“TMZ is applying to sports the hardcore tabloid-type approach that has worked so well for them when they are covering celebrities,” ….. “And there really hasn’t been an outlet that’s been doing that in sports. It shows what can be done when you can actually start digging around and you’re willing to pay a lot of money for things–if that’s exactly how TMZ is getting these clips. There aren’t other outlets that are willing to do that. Honestly, some of it is a public good. Obviously, what’s happening now with Ray Rice is good.”

From the NYT – How TMZ broke the Ray Rice story ( and others ).

4) Love this – How Everything We Tell Ourselves About How Busy We Are Is a Lie.

“It is argued here that the movement of the labor force into more service occupations and other jobs in which work schedules are becoming more irregular (with no time clock to punch as a vivid reminder), workers have fewer benchmarks to use in estimating the number of hours in their workweek.”

5) Plenty in organisations I have worked at….. but according to Bloomberg –Corporations are not recruiting enough weirdos.

From the piece, a contemporary account of Michelangelo. Now this is veryweird…..

He ignored even the most basic tasks of self-maintenance. Not only did he bathe “very rarely”, he rarely even changed clothes, sleeping in full regalia-shoes included. His assistant once complained that, “He has sometimes gone so long without taking (his shoes) off that then the skin came away, like a snake’s, with the boots.”

6) Compelling viewing ( a 5 minute video). The 100 Most Iconic shots in film history. Can you name them….and which ones are missing?

7) Microsoft may be buying Minecraft for $2.5 billion and why this is a cheap price tag

“The acquisition will give Microsoft a game with hugely passionate players and sustained popularity on its Xbox, which has lately fallen behind Sony’s PlayStation 4.”

“Most importantly, it means Microsoft now makes games for not just its own devices, but also Sony’s, as well as iOS and Android machines. In Apple’s app Store, Minecraft is one of the few high-charting paid titles in a sea of free-to-play games.”

8) The fabulous London Design Festival is on from Sept 13th to 21st.This annual event, is held to celebrate and promote London as the design capital of the world, and as the gateway to the international creative community.

9) Clever, moving and a genuinely surprising end in this video for a well known charity.

10) …and finally a little light reading and viewing for the weekend.

Man sets world record for ‘pinky pull-ups’.

Shower with your friends – helps you gamify your water consumption.

The great Joan Rivers’s best standup – From The Ed Sullivan Show.

Mesmerising . Time lapse video of an Amish barn raising in Ohio.

Finally, How The Sun Sees You. Extraordinary. Especially fascinating the way that the Sun sees sun tan lotion on your skin .HT @itsjimmyb for this.