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Ten Stories We Have Enjoyed This Week

21st September 2018

Interesting piece from Wired, on how frugal healthcare innovation in developing countries may show us a way out of a crisis. Could the NHS learn a thing or two from India’s healthcare innovators?Amazon is now number three in online ads (passing Microsoft) and closing in on Google and Facebook.

Future Today Institute’s, 2019 Trend Report For Journalism, Media & Technology. Over 155 pages of predictions and provocations, with highlights including – ‘the end of traditional smartphones’, ‘AI as the third era of computing’, ‘mixed reality, entering the mainstream’ and ‘Blockchain as a significant driver of change’.

Still with the blockchain, the Fourth Industrial Revolution For The Earth Report, from PWC, ‘highlights opportunities to solve the world’s most pressing environmental challenges by harnessing technological innovations.’ ‘If harnessed in the right way, blockchain has significant potential to enable a move to cleaner and more resource-preserving decentralised solutions,  unlock natural capital and empower communities.

A recent Vimeo ‘Pick of the Week’ – ‘Neuroscientist Anil Seth explains how what we perceive isn’t an accurate reflection of a real, externally existing world. In fact, perception and hallucination are based on similar processes—they are our brain’s interpretation of myriad inputs. His groundbreaking research provides fascinating insight into what this means for storytelling.  Consciousness and Creation: The Neuroscience of Perception’. 

Netflix’s shocking public activation for Altered Carbon, was the year’s most innovative media plan. It’s not every day that one comes across a human body encased in plastic at a public bus stop.

Our present era is one in which the heart of culture is blowing hard upon a coal of fear, and the fascination is everywhere. By popular consent, horror has been experiencing what critics feel obliged to label a ‘golden age’.

Welcome to the Age Of Horror. From The Guardian. ‘As we delegate technology more responsibility to diagnose illness or identify suspects, we must regulate it. We hold people with power to account.

Why not algorithms?’ Google’s latest AI experiment makes GIFs by watching you move. The experiment called Move Mirror, matches your pose with a catalogue of 80,000 photos. Useless? Possibly, but it’s also pretty cool. 

An installation at the London Design Festival – Google’s Trafalgar Square Lion uses AI to generate a crowdsourced poem.

And finally, a short film about an introvert and how his time alone makes him a better friend. In collaboration with Alain de Botton for The School Of Life. ‘Unless we are alone, we feel at risk of forgetting who we are.’