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Ten Stories We Have Enjoyed This Week

29th April 2018

From Aeon – ‘We are experiencing a fundamental paradigm shift in our relationship to knowledge. From the ‘information age’, we are moving towards the ‘reputation age’, in which information will have value only if it is already filtered, evaluated and commented upon by others. Seen in this light, reputation has become a central pillar of collective intelligence today. Say goodbye to the information age: it’s all about reputation now.

Couldn’t agree more. This from (friend of the Filter) Can Scorpions Smoke –  ‘George Bernard Shaw once famously said  ”We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.” ‘We lose interest in our work, get stuck in loops of common sense where change and novelty are difficult and generally experience a lethargy and staleness through repeating the same routines over and over again.’ This is a sign of Vitamin P deficiency.

From the APG blog, @Faris’s article on the framework for a balanced media diet. ‘.. Seeing patterns in different things is abstraction, the basis of creative thinking. The more diverse the inputs combined together, the more creative the idea. Your job as a planner is to provide the right inputs.’  How To Be Curious – Cognitive Fitness for Planners.

‘Earning the consumer’s hard-won cash and attracting brand marketers into the digital space will pit TV networks, program distributors, tech firms and social media companies against each other as never before.’ eMarketer releases a new outlook on the SVOD Landscape.

Here is my piece published this week on the Econsultancy blog (and derived from my recent trip to SxSW) – The implications of voice tech for marketers, from brand to customer service’.

From Campaign – Guardian Media Group and D&AD have come together to launch a global festival of creativity in London. ‘The event will bring together business leaders, practitioners and emerging talent from creative and cultural sectors including advertising, design, film, gaming, music, fashion and architecture. It will champion the power of creativity and explore how it shapes culture and intersects with business.’ 

An interesting piece given ongoing political events in the UK. ‘After decades of globalisation, our political system has become obsolete – and spasms of resurgent nationalism are a sign of its irreversible decline.’ As a side thought interesting to note that, despite the impact it has had across the last couple of centuries, Nationalism is actually a fairly recent construct in historical terms; only coming into existence at the end of the 18th Century with the Battle of Valmy.

Videographer Duncan Sinfield says “it’s only a matter of time until the campus becomes shut-off to drones completely.” This could be the last drone video flyover of Apple Park. 

Clever and funny. From McSweeney’s Internet Tendency – This is New Erotica For Feminists.  Please note – #VSFW (very safe for work).

From 1843 Magazine, a graph comparing GDP and average hours in bed, across a selection of countries. ‘Which Countries Get The Most Sleep?’ (New Zealand seems to have a pretty good balance).

And finally. Wow. Dust, stars, and cosmic rays swirling around Comet 67P, captured by the late @ESA_Rosetta probe. 317,000,000 miles from Earth.