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Ten Stories We’ve Enjoyed This Week

16th June 2019

From the always insightful @traceyfutures, this is Futuremade – new dimensions of media : 5 trends for the future. Including, Immersive Entertainment, Innovative Interfaces, Trusted Sources, Smart Environments, and Empathetic Media.

Just love this, from the BBC :  In the small town of Otsuchi in northern Japan, 2,000 residents were lost in the tsunami in 2011. One resident had the idea of placing an old phone booth at the bottom of his garden with a disconnected rotary phone. He would ring his cousin’s number and his words would “be carried on the wind” as he spoke to him”.

Excellent guide for those running and also those taking part. From Planning Dirty , this is The Brainstorm Bible.

Last week at the Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple introduced Voice Control, a new accessibility feature that enables users to control their devices hands-free. To present the feature, Apple shared a moving film that takes viewers inside a day in the life of Ian Mackay, an advocate for accessibility.

Now in its 24th year, Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report was released this week. in the likely event that you don’t have time to read the 300+ pages, this summary from Quartz is a helpful alternative. One engaging fact from the report, observes that 26% of US adults consider themselves online “almost constantly.” This number jumps to 39% for 18 to 29 year-olds surveyed. Full report is here.

Fortnite emerges as a social media platform for Gen Z. In some ways Fortnite is the new Facebook.

Wearable tech tracks kids laughter to find the most entertaining places in Tennessee. 200 ‘laugh trackers’ were used to let children review attractions and parks.

I’m not an avid horticulturalist, but went along to the Chelsea Flower Show, for the first time this year with a client. Very interesting the way that brands are using this area to connect with consumers, and one such this year was the ‘Facebook Garden’ – ‘the coastal themed garden uses the natural connectivity of water and the ocean to represent the interconnectivity between our online and offline lives, and the interactions,social change and opportunities that social media helps facilitate across the world…..’

Little Black Book’s 2019 EMEA Cannes contenders;  including Libresse, DAGOMA 3D Printing, BBC, Xbox and Greenpeace.

This piece HT @GCPeople;  ASOS have enabled a ‘virtual catwalk’ feature which uses the latest AR tech to place a model right in front of you.

Is the future of luxury travel in the journey, not the destination? Here is High-Art in Airports.

Wonderful. Emelia Clarke re-creates workplace stock photos. “I’ve been waiting for this moment, this career-defining moment … this honesty and truth that I know I’m going to find … 

Some of these are almost unbelievable. The 43 worst logos ever.