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Ten Stories We’ve Enjoyed This Week

17th November 2018

Iceland’s Christmas advert: The petition to overturn the TV ban on this animated film gains momentum, but as this article observes, the ban is actually a blessing in disguise. Finally in terms of the actual decision, the difficulty with the ‘Rang-tan’ film highlights Clearcast’s (the regulating body) unusual status.

‘Caption Goals’ : How Instagram spawned a cottage industry around words.’As the quest for likes and followers on IG has intensified, so too has the demand for funnier, punnier captions, creating a crowded new market selling cleverness.

In African cities, the “gig economy” is called the economy

Why do we feel so busy? It’s all our hidden ‘shadow work’. Wasn’t automation supposed to take care of the tedious jobs, so we could enjoy more leisure time? (RT @davidpearlhere).

Some buzzwords come and go, but one never truly knows which ones will stick.This piece from Campaign looks at some current words ‘du jour’  – eg: ‘(Un)tethered’, ‘human-in-the-loop’ and ‘story-living.’ All learnt on the IPA’s recent visit to Silicon Valley.

Google Search marked its 20th anniversary with a humorous series about Search Ads

‘The labouring man will take his rest long in the morning; a good piece of the day is spent afore he come at his work; then he must have his breakfast, though he have not earned it at his accustomed hour, or else there is grudging and murmuring.’ Pre-industrial workers had a shorter work week than today’s. This poignant piece echoes elements of Alain De Botton’s 2009 book, The Pleasure and Sorrows of Work.

From FastCompany. Self-driving cars will be for sex, scientists say. Nearly 60% of all Americans have had sex in cars. Just wait until the cars can drive themselves.

Memorable, but not in a good way. An attempt by Hong Kong to bolster its tourism industry has backfired after the territory’s tourist board produced a questionable campaign depicting a man stealing his girlfriend’s passport.

Great if you have a spare 90 minutes to watch, or even press play and come back to every now and again. Soothing and astounding, this is a journey around the earth in real time.

Love this gentle and suspenseful look at the breathtaking craft of logging on a Swiss mountainside – In The Woods. And finally, some compelling entertainment for a Friday. Watch these robots dominate a water bottle-flipping competition – Dozens of teens in Japan brought bottle-flipping into the future for, RoboCon.