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Ten Stories We Have Enjoyed This Week

6th October 2018

From @wired. Tim Berners-Lee wants to save the web using decentralised data storage. ‘Solid.edu builds on existing web protocols to allow users to keep their own data on the cloud service, server or another platform of their choice in personal online data stores or ‘pods’, rather than having it stored on centralised servers.’

Forget traditional market and consumer research.This BrandGym piece looks at – 8 consumer intimacy methods for a connected world, including –virtual immersions, gamification and neuro-testing.

A couple of lists worth perusing. The winners of this year’s coveted D&AD Impact Awards, and from Econsultancy – the Top 100 Digital Agencies 2018 : The State Of The Industry.

From WARC. ‘Daily time online shows signs of saturation. Daily average online consumption reached 6:42 (hours:minutes) in the first half of 2018, two minutes lower than the level seen in 2017. While this represented the first annual dip since 2015, it is still one hour and five minutes greater than the level seen in 2012.

‘Raised by YouTube’ – The platform’s entertainment for children is weirder—and more globalised—than adults could have expected. ‘ChuChu TV is a fast-growing threat to traditional competitors, from Sesame Street to Disney to Nickelodeon. With all its decades of episodes, well-known characters, and worldwide brand recognition, Sesame Street has more than 5 billion views on YouTube. That’s impressive, but ChuChu has more than 19 billion.’

From The–Dots. ‘This Black History Month 2018, we’ve brought together a group of outstanding industry heroes to each nominate 10 black changemakers and creators that are shaping culture, arts, design, business, tech and beyond.’

Users can put an Instagram picture of a place into the easyJet app to find out the best flight options to get there. EasyJet re-engineers the booking experience for the Instagram generation. (reg may be necessary)

‘The recent meteoric rise of esports – or professional competitive computer gaming – is making the gaming industry an increasingly tempting prospect for brand experiences and sport sponsorships’. From Campaign – The Esports boom is giving brands access to ‘unreachable’ audiences.

More interesting than most standard perspectives on social media strategy; these are the 4 findings from WARC’s Effective Social Strategy Report : human connections drive social success;  social video formats diversify; communities of interest; and built-in discoverability. …And a piece with a ‘slightly’ more negative slant, also from WARC – The influencer apocalypse: are we doomed?

‘A lock of Walt Whitman’s hair, Jack Kerouac’s boots, and Virginia Woolf’s cane are just a few of the items of literary paraphernalia available at the New York Public Library’s Berg Collection—if you have an appointment.(HT @DavidPearlHere). A short video.