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Stories We’ve Enjoyed This Week

3rd August 2019

Hello Dear Subscribers! Just a quick note to say thanks for subscribing and reading this newsletter. I started six years ago, ostensibly as a way of keeping abreast of the week’s news, but have been greatly heartened by the kind words of support and appreciation received. Thank you. Also to say, no newsletter for the next few weeks due to the summer break; so this is a bit of a bumper edition. I hope you enjoy. Nick

Very nicely observed – ‘Commercials, is a comedic web series about thehumorous, ego crushing, overanalysed silliness that plagues the world of commercial filmmaking and everyone involved – satirising Adland as The Office did 9-5ers.’ 

From Helen Pankhurst, on Tortoise. Lip-glossed lies – ‘Have young women been liberated from unattainable beauty standards, or are they still trapped?

I am very lucky to be associated with The House of Barnabas in Soho, London – a homeless charity and club. The House of St Barnabas is a private members club like no other – it is partially staffed by the homeless. Here is the moving video piece, that the BBC recently did on it. 

From The Face. Has Insta­gram changed our expec­ta­tion of trav­el or have we always been gullible?

Hendrick’s Gin unveils a scented London Underground Ad Campaign. 

Gestural Packaging. ‘A tilt, a wave, a look—these signs are part of theubiquitous language we use within technology. As the cosmetics market becomes increasingly crowded, beauty brands are turning to novel, unexpected gestures, often borrowed from tech, to create packaging that beckons consumers by speaking their language.

Who’s employed by the lifestyles of the rich and famous? Call this “wealth work,” or “the servant economy,” ‘Regardless of the label, many American cities are brimming with an explosion of low-end employment that has brought some three million workers into mostly low-paid, often-precarious service arrangements helping the well-off walk the dog, clean the house, cook dinner, manage money, and stay fit.’

Seems like a pretty big deal? Google unlocked 33% of publisher paywalls on July 30. As an apparently unintended consequence of this “remedy,” 33% of online news outlets, who use a metered paywall, have their paywalls fully unlocked by one simple action, a right-click.

From Digital Content Next. New research confirms that ads perform better in quality contexts. The halo effect is real.

Poignant. Neighbouring communities playfully connect atop neon pink teetertotters, slotted through the U.S.- Mexico border wall.

From Aeon. ‘Keeping it in the family: why we pick the partners we do’. ‘First, people’s partners seem to be more likely to resemble the parent of the corresponding gender: girlfriends match mothers, and boyfriends match fathers, irrespective of whether they’re in a heterosexual or homosexual relationship. Second, emotional closeness to a parent increases the likelihood that your partner will resemble your parent.

Very nice.This spoofs Nike’s celebrated “Jogger” ad from 2012’s “Find Your Greatness” campaign, reworking the idea to highlight the noble struggles of small indie advertising agencies. Much of this seems very familiar…..

From JWT Intelligence. ‘With the rise of inclusive wellness, new brands and platforms are positioning self-sex as the latest form of self-care. This is Sexual Wellness.

A silent sleepless epidemic and one of the greatest public health challenges of the 21st Century? Here is the latest animated short from the RSA  Sleep Or Die.

Dancing in the Dark – An exploration of moonlight surfing.

The first global city? High in the Andes, Potosí supplied the world with silver, and in return reaped goods and peoples from Burma to Baghdad.

The bluntnose sixgill shark is a deep sea species that can grow up to 26 feet in length. The crew of OceanX’s submersible got up close and personal with one.

This indoor skydiver Is defying gravity and expectations.

Watching the cricket this afternoon on Sky and love this Peaky Blinders spoof featuring the presenters, and with a star turn from Bumble. ‘Who will take over now the Aussies are in town? The grim battle continues in Birmingham. Join us if you dare…