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Ten Stories We’ve Enjoyed This Week

1) Brilliant . From The Poke George Osborne And David Cameron Launch Kickstarter To Save The UK Economy.

Not far to go. They only need to raise £1,453,252,900,000.

2) The fabulous Street Wisdom project has launched a Winter Wander-land. ‘We’ve created a 25 day sequence of SMS messages that we’ll beam to your phone giving you a simple – but intriguing – instruction to follow. Each one builds on the last, turning December into an unfolding ADVENT-ure (see what we did there?). And each one will help you tune in to the creative stimulus of the streets all around you’ You can sign up here.

This has also been covered by The Huffington Post.

I have mentioned Street Wisdom before . But just in case you missed it, here is founder David Pearl explaining all in a TED Talk.

3) The European parliament continues to go after Google  as it it votes to support a ‘Google break-up’ motion. Although they have no power to enforce , this makes for an interesting debate between organisations with very different ideologies – ‘Google holds 90% of the search market in Europe and as such has been the subject of a long-running antitrust investigation with the EC, which was recently re-opened after the commission rejected the settlement proposal’.

4) RadiumOne’s report into Dark Social is worth a read.

‘Dark Social’ refers to any inbound web traffic coming from sources that web analytics are unable to track. It typically occurs when online content is shared by copying a URL and pasting it into message platforms such as email, forums or instant message, rather than sharing it via established social networks.

‘Research reveals UK consumers are sharing over three times more information on ‘Dark Social’ channels than via social channels like Facebook’.

5) A real tipping point for social commerce ? Twitter  launches Twitter Offers, which enables brands to embed redeemable offers directly into Twitter cards. They are also now tracking what other apps you have on your phone (creating and ‘app graph’) to enable a ‘more tailored experience’ ( HT to @neilperkin for this ).

6) The latest from Google Think – their Think Letter. Including case studies from Pepsi, Homebase and Asda. Plus top You Tube videos from October.

7) One positive perspective on social media is that it provides the opportunity for those with different views to engage with each other or at least enables the opportunity to acquire additional perspectives. But when it comes to divisive issues and opinions, this is not happening, much as it doesn’t happen in traditional media or wider society . This is how Republican and Democratic tweeters are ignoring each other over Ferguson.

8) Intriguing perspective from the FT –  Do the Jesuits hold the answer for misfiring multinationals? ( subscription needed )

9) Some fine, but perhaps not so easy listening, music for the weekend – NME’s Top 50 Albums of 2014.  St Vincent sits at the top of the pile.

10) And for our American readers on Thanksgiving weekend and indeed families everywhere – families who hate each other in Western art history.