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Ten Stories We’ve Enjoyed This Week

1st Feb 2019

‘What If We Re-Imagined What It Means To Attend A Music Festival?’A couple of good documentaries on the Fyre Festival, currently getting airplay on Netflix and Hulu. I imagine, we’ve all written proposals in our chosen fields; interesting then (with the benefit of hindsight) to see the Fyre Festival Pitch deck. Looks quite good doesn’t it?  (HT @here_forth)

Love this work. Holland & Barrett tackles menopause after winning TfL diversity campaign. ‘Me.No.Pause’ was created by Pablo London.

4 insights from the 2018 IPA Effectiveness Awards. ‘Understanding how emotion works’, a ‘TV led model continues to dominate’, ‘succeeding in a low attention economy’ and ‘the growing power of influence.‘ You can download the sample report here.

(As covered last week) one of the 10 pitches included in NESTA’s, Ten Predictions for 2019, was ‘Living With SuperbugsIn 2019, we’ll all know someone with a drug-resistant infection.’ This topic was also covered this week on the BBC, with Angela Rippon.

 From mymodernmet.com. ‘Most of us use the letters of the alphabet everyday, but did you ever stop to wonder how their shapes came to be? The history of the alphabet is fascinating, and each of the 26 letters has its own unique story.’ This colourful chart reveals the evolution of the English alphabet from Egyptian hieroglyphics. 


Wired reports on a study in Science, into the the impact of fake news. The study linked 16,442 Twitter accounts to public voter registration records. ’11 per cent of those on the right, and 21 per cent of those on the extreme right shared fake news content, compared to fewer than five per cent of those on the left or in the centre.’

Information is Beautiful looks at the Biggest Fake News Stories of 2018 and provides a succinct explanation of the Brexit Landscape(infographic video). Here is Tortoise Media’s, rather amusing (alarming?) future timeline – The Deal With No Deal.

The literal meanings behind the names of every country on Earth

A cockpit view of a plane landing in Maniitsoq, Greenland is otherworldly. Best bit is from 1′:30″ in

From @thediyora, via @neilperkin, here is a thread of 2018’s funniest moments on UK TV. Enjoy.

Some Art from past and present. This photographer reveals how he created a viral image of the rare Super Blood Wolf Moon…and here is ‘The Veiled Virgin’, an 1850 ‘Carrara marble’ sculpture that perfectly demonstrates the medium’s ability to be both soft and translucent.

And…finally, here is a generic Presidential Campaign Ad.,  and this robot can probably beat you at jenga.