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Jon Slade – Commercial Director, Global Digital Advertising & Insight at The Financial Times

Nick provided Creative Thinking training to a number of senior people at the Financial Times.

He has a highly engaging , interactive and inclusive style. We particularly liked the way that all participants were contacted prior to the session in order to understand their individual priorities, and content was specifically tailored to the needs of the Financial Times.

Nick talked a lot about ‘Easy Creativity’ – highlighting a number of different creative techniques that can be used, depending on the amount of time available . This flexible approach is important for any time pressured organisation that wants to be more creative.

The big lesson for us, was that truly original ideas come from NOT thinking about the problem directly or in the usual way – but approaching it from a completely different and often surprising direction.

Most importantly, from an outputs perspective, the team acquired practical creative tools that they can use moving forward.

We will certainly be using his services again and would highly recommend his training.

How the web is killing creativity…by suggesting it is easy

2nd July 2012

The web has had a massive positive impact on our capacity to collaborate and produce. The web allows us to communicate quickly and efficiently with others – ideas can be crowd sourced across communities and then brought to market quickly and efficiently with the aid of cloud computing.

We have quick access to almost any information we may (or may not) want and the keys to the door of a virtual library, chock full of fabulous already invented ideas. All this is available with the press of a computer key, or a quick ‘copy and paste’.

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