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Stories From This Week

17th July 2020

Tim Harford (The Undercover Economist) on – What will bounce back after the pandemic, and what will never be the same? …there is not necessarily a correlation between the hardest blow and the most lingering bruise.’

Six months ago, on 12th Jan, the first BBC report on a ‘new virus’ in central China. All under control, claim authorities. Link

President of the Royal Society urges everyone to wear a face covering.

Nice perspective on research and customer segmentation in the C-19 era. Influencers, idea graves and observation squads: How customer research is evolving.

From The Monday Note. How Tesla cracked the code of automobile innovation. ‘Tesla is several years ahead of other carmakers. A view from the inside can help us grasp the key differentiators that sustain its lead.’

From WARC. ‘The way we trade attention in the form of digital media in a murky market has led to a deep misunderstanding of this complex area’, argues Faris Yakob – but some thinkers are advocating for alternatives.

Interesting (and surprising) infographic on how the tech giants make their billions.

An extraordinary coronavirus poster, posted by New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo. Reminiscent of Hieronymous Bosch?

Love this. Care home residents recreate famous record covers.

Of course 2020 has not been a good year so far, but by some accounts, 536AD may have been the worst year ever. Medieval historian, Michael McCormick has stated that ‘it was the beginning of one of the worst periods to be alive… The year began with an inexplicable, dense fog that stretched across the world plunging Europe, the Middle East and parts of Asia into darkness 24 hours a day, for nearly 2 years.’

What does Outer Space smell like? What about the Moon? Designed for NASA, the authentic smells of outer space, from verified astronaut accounts. Now available in a new Lunar scent…

From Calm. If you are not currently into meditation apps this (depending on your tastes), may do the trick. Dream With Me – Fall asleep and fall in love with the dreamy voice of Harry Styles.

A perspective on why The New Yorker is a magic trick (and the world’s best magazine) 2’53” video.

An animated love story seeks to smash taboos around the use of Viagra. ‘At the heart of the campaign is a personal and highly relatable modern Love Story. The two-minute animated hero film marks a step change in communication from the brand – from control and performance to enabling conversations and intimacy.’

‘Wake up sheeple’: AI shows all tourists basically take the same picture. A new study shows how travel photos and conservation policies influence tourists.

Really nice, reverse music video with a surprising end/ beginning. D Smoke – Lights On ft. SiR.

COVID Risk Chart. A tongue-in-cheek graphic take from XKCD.

A Lockdown Lullaby. Film about the magic and madness of lockdown, as seen through the eyes of a 6 year old boy, Dylan. ‘Things are pretty weird right now but also kind of awesome.‘ Short video – 3’49”.

Coronavirus: Working from a holiday home! Barbados to offer year-long stays to remote workers.

2020 has now brought us bears that know how to use nunchucks….