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Ten Stories We’ve Enjoyed This Week

14th June 2014

1) Apparently the Football (Soccer…) World Cup has just started. Here are a few pieces we liked this week – The Problem with World Cup Referees – One would assume that World Cup refs are selected according to merit. Not Exactly.

Brazil’s streets are decorated with murals during the build-up to the World Cup. 

From Time Magazine – The World’s Love Affair with Football , in pictures. 

From the New York Times – The World’s Game – pictures of ordinary people embracing the game around the world. 

2) The @adcontrarian hits the mark again – Ten Dreadful Cliches that the Ad Industry Should Euthanise. 

3) Robert Peston’s Speech warns of the threat to journalism from native ads. From The Guardian. 

4) The CIA has published it’s first tweet. And it is a cracker : “We can neither confirm nor deny that this is our first tweet.” 

5) QuickCoin is now an easy way to send and receive Bitcoins via Facebook. 

6) Uplifting? A Short History of the Executioner. 

7) Mike Lacher’s ‘Client feedback on the Creation of The Earth’ – Brilliant. 

8) If we can’t get everyone to come to terms with the science behind climate change, can we at least agree that we need a new atlas? 

… and due to rising sea levels , this country will shortly no longer exist. 

9) The marvellously erudite Rory Sutherland on branding, behavioural economics and much else besides. 

10) ‘FORM’ is a short film created as a tribute to the style and grace of skateboarding. 

This Week’s Top Ten Stories

12th April 2014

1) From the great @Adcontrarian (Bob Hoffman) speaking at the Advertising Week conference, on The Golden Age of Bullshit. 

2) Interesting piece on how social media accelerates access to new and different information – a new study by Newsworks and Twitter has found that 60% of respondents had engaged with News brands on Twitter, that they wouldn’t typically read in print.

3) Everything you need to know about the Heartbleed Virus. 

4) From Frederic Filloux – Why Religion is a safer bet than Facebook – ‘Casting doubt on Facebook’s future is like going to Rome and questioning the existence of God. It’s not the right venue to do so….. Why then, question Facebook’s future? Mainly for two reasons: ARPU evolution and diversification’.

5) So they may soon find Flight 370, but just how deep could the aircraft be? Take a look at this amazing graph to really understand the Depth of The Problem – It could be 15,000 feet down.

6) This high impact ad should probably put you off texting while driving.

7) If Social Networks were Game of Thrones Houses – ‘When you play the game of social media, you win or you die’.

The new series is on our screens, but If you have missed out on the story so far, here is a re-cap from Wired. 

And (gruesome alert) here is every on-screen death from the first three seasons of the show. 

8) InFocus, from The Atlantic, has some great shots from Smithsonian Magazine’s photo contest. 

9) Interesting piece from @neilperkin’s, @fraggl feed: “‘Big data’ has arrived, but big insights have not. The challenge now is to solve new problems and gain new answers – without making the same old statistical mistakes on a grander scale than ever. Tim Harford from Undercover Economist, asks whether we’re making a Big mistake with Big Data. 

10) How to explain Bitcoin to your Mum (comic strip) I think, with this, I finally get it….