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Stories From This Week

10th July

BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 join forces for a two-minute short celebrating the power of British TV. ‘The historic TV first highlights how TV and digital services can bring us together in unprecedented times’ – and of course sets their stall out in face of the increasing popularity of US streaming services.

Tim Harford on –  what countries can – and can’t – learn from each other.’ Coronavirus is different. It doesn’t care about cultural norms and barely about the level of economic development. There are ample lessons we can learn from each other about how to deal with it. But they must be learnt quickly — and we are not in the habit of studying’.

Is Anyone Watching Quibi? The streaming platform raised $1.75 billion and secured a roster of A-list talent, but it can’t get audiences to notice.

Really like this from, friend of The Filter, FrancoLondon – How to spot a great insight. ‘Insights are important. But don’t worship them. Don’t agonise over the wording of an insight statement. They’re just the start of the journey towards creating a great brand or business.’

Silence is Awkward. My recent blog post with the Just Breathe Project. ‘I started meditating around two years ago, after experiencing a close personal loss. But of all of the mindfulness experiences I have attempted, going on retreat felt a little nerve wracking…’

This AI robot just nabbed the lead role in a sci-fi movie. Meet Erica, the movie star who may put human actors out of work.

Travel Futures From Wunderman Thompson. ‘Architects and designers are reimagining travel for pandemic-proof tourism. From the spaces that accommodate travellers to the vehicles that bring them there.

Great idea and promotional tactic from Emerson’s Brewing Company in New Zealand. A great plan for social drinking in a post-pandemic world. ‘One very small pint please’ – a tiny travelling pub hits the streets.

L’Oreal’s Global Ambassador talks about the power of self-worth and believing in yourself. 2’01”. I’m #WorthIt.

Lush has produced a 30-second soap.

Vimeo Pick of the Week. “Assorted Rides” ‘is comprised of a few sessions in California where I met up with a surfer I’ve really enjoyed watching over the years. Devon Howard’s approach to surfing inspired the feel of this short—a modern classic.’ Love the music too – Hey Moon, by John Maus.

Heh. A dog on a trampoline...and here, we don’t deserve dogs : Watson and Kiko.

Sad to hear that composer Ennio Morricone died this week. From Statista, here are some quick facts on his illustrious career. I’ve loved a lot of his music but my favourite has always been Gabriel’s Oboe, from the film The Mission.

American Noah Lyles briefly appeared to have set an astonishing new 200m world record of 18.90 seconds in the Inspiration Games, before it was revealed he ran only 185m – starting at the wrong start line. Reminded me of Clarke and Dawe’s hilarious sketch, where they discuss the construction of the 100m track for the Sydney Olympics. ‘Exactly how long is the 100m track Mr Wilson…..?