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Ten Stories From This Week

14th August 2021

Media that were once free or easily accessible — including news websites, podcasts, TV shows and games — rushed to get behind paywalls during the pandemic. This accelerating trend is carving theinternet into many niche audiences, Balkanizing our collective media diets.

Photos of the newest UNESCO World Heritage sites.

‘When brands stop advertising for a year or more, we find sales often decline year-on-year following the stop (on average, sales fell 16% after one year, and 25% after two years)’. Ehrenberg-Bass research takes a look at what happens when brands stop advertising.

National Geographic is an Instagram powerhouse. The publisher has just topped 175 million followers, which makes it the 12th most followed account on the platform and the only media brand to crack the top 50. Their photographs and stories reach tens of millions of people around theworld each day. Inspiring through Instagram: Exploring NatGeo’s socially responsible strategy.

Five lessons from China’s internet businesses Bullet Commentary & the Hive Mentality, Social Serendipity, Participatory Experiences, Collaborative Learning, Social Commerce & Livestreaming. HT @zoescaman

Lack of travel getting you down? Take an online architecture tour around some of the world’s best buildings.

I try to keep off excel as much as possible….. ‘The European Spreadsheet Risks Interest Group’ looks into risks associated with errors in Excel. Here are some of the horror stories featured.

IKEA has decided to release a candle that smells like its Swedish meatballs.

Why are CAPTCHA pictures just… so deeply depressing? They are by AI, for AI.

This dog has the best method for going downstairs.