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Ten Stories From This Week

21st November 2021

As hundreds of millions steamed Squid Game, Netflix didn’t buckle. The reason? Open Connect  = The service’s guts, the engineering behind the app itself, and the foundation of the streamer’s success. Netflix has spent the last 10 years building out this expansive server network, in order to avoid many modern streaming headaches.

From Carat/Dentsu, the 2022 Media Trends report featuring 3 megatrends (the prolonged pandemic, brand citizenship, and identity), alongside a number of associated smaller trends.

From Aeon (could this be a thing?) – ‘Dream-hacking techniques can help us create, heal and have fun. They could also become tools of commercial manipulation.’ Inside your dreamscape.

As I’m sure you know, it’s been 20 years since the first Harry Potter film. Here, all the movies ranked from worst to best, including Fantastic Beasts. Bound to cause some debate, but I don’t think one can argue with number one.

From The Guardian. Overloaded: is there simply too much culture? With so much film, TV, music, books, streaming, games and podcasts easily available and vying for our attention, how can we absorb it all?

How Amazon is marketing the Wheel Of Time. The multimillion-dollar fantasy epic is launching with a campaign that’s weaving together inventive activations, and collaborative fandom strategies.

‘Objects’ is a film about the type of person who holds onto things as “a way to keep a treasured record of their lives”. (three minute trailer)

Hubble has collected a spectacular new set of pictures of the solar system’s outer planets.

It’s true! The winners of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards will brighten your day. 

How to Distinguish Between Active Voice and Passive Voice Using Zombies (1 min read)