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Ten Stories We Have Enjoyed This Week

14th April 2018

Mothers of Ambition. ‘Influencers and high-profile female execs are leading a new positive dialogue about what it means to have a career, and be a mom. #EmbraceAmbition is shattering the stigma around being an “ambitious woman,” ambitious being a term that has historically been used to compliment men and denigrate women.’ This is the powerful launch video.

Tim Harford gives fake news and information, a kicking. ‘I use normal statistics that are compiled by the World Bank and the United Nations. This is not controversial. These facts are not up for discussion. I am right and you are wrong.’ In Praise Of Factfulness.

Here is the summary piece from my trip to Austin this spring. Stories from SxSW 2018 – some of what I saw and what I have taken away. 

Eli Pariser would be proud. Vice is encouraging people to consider other worldviews by bursting the bubble of their Facebook news feed, and liking posts they hate.

Often worth checking in with the outputs of the JWT Intelligence Briefing. Their recent reports have been ‘Amazon Everything‘, ‘High Times‘ (the rise of the cannabis economy) and ‘Elastic Generation, The Female Edit’ : ‘Women in their 50s, 60s and early 70s are active, engaged and involved. Pillars of family, community and society, nothing they do is motivated by their age. It’s time for brands to take age out of the equation.

Visit this website, answer 15 personal questions and it will guess your name. Oilsjt Analytica’s offer, was covered by 100 international news outlets & websites and 200,000 people shared their information. None of the data was stored, it was just an excercise to show how easy it is to get people to hand over personal information, online.

Zuck, obviously in the news a good bit this week….I liked these slightly different perspectives pertaining to his appearance on Capitol Hill : Silicon Valley’s 60 Year Love affair With The Word ‘Tool’(Zuck used this word eleven times in his testimony) ,and Mocking Congress Won’t Make It Tech Literate

Golly. From National Geographic : In 2015, motorcyclist Robert Jan van der Kaaij kicked off a three-month solo ride from the Netherlands to India, taking on the tallest mountains on Earth. Don’t look down….

Of all US Sports, I would suggest that Baseball is the one that is least likely to be associated with on-field violence. As result, this is quite a surprise, accentuated by the fact that the season has only just begun.

Cartman from South Park had some fun with Alexa. In what appears to be a very fulfilling user journey, he acquires some interesting new things on his (and other peoples) shopping lists. Two videos on this link from The Verge. (please note – NSFW)