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Ten Stories We’ve Enjoyed This Week

4th May 2019

Leonardo Da Vinci died 500 years ago at the age of 67. What was he doing at your age? 

Edelman UK & Ireland CEO Ed Williams shares the four dimensions on which companies build trust. Ability, Dependability, Integrity and Purpose.

The team at Greenwood Campbell (friend of The Filter) have produced this SxSW inspired piece : The Human Guide To Tech. ‘Every brand and organisation has a goal, an aspiration, a story to tell, and obstacles to overcome. All of these rely on creating engagement with human beings.’

Exercise is good for you. This campaign bills exercise as a catalyst for better sex and the NYT observes how exercise affects our memory.

How this one font took over the world. Gotham.

After a year conducting a home-sharing pilot, Marriott is officially expanding its portfolio into the US market with the launch of Homes & Villas.  Here, Gartner takes a look at Marriott vs. Airbnb. 

Nice. Everyman Cinemas are hosting a festival with a 1980s-themed rave and premieres.

Send-ups of pop culture and capitalism hidden in retail stores. Jeff Wysaski, the man behind Obvious Plant, has been creating and depositing strange flyers, placards, and packaged products in conventional retail outlets for several years.

You should dress like a lunatic if you work from home.

Following the finale of Sunday’s episode, I couldn’t resist this. The top 10 most kickass Arya Stark moments. 

Jeff Bridges, sounding very much like The Dude, appears in this charming ad for Amstel. continuing on from his The Big Lebowski turn, in this Stella Artois Super Bowl commercial. 

A pigeon meets a dove and faces the decision on whether or not to leave the life he has built for himself in favour of following his heart. A short film.

Fabulously clever piece from Uncommon. The scent ‘L’Eau De Bébé’was created with one of the world’s largest fragrance houses Givaudan, to evoke the smell of newborns…