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Ten Stories From This Week

8th November 2020

A More Resilient World? Detailed strategy deck (87 slides) for a post Covid world. Loads in here including –  Safety vs. Connection (p.16), Stoicism vs. Vulnerability (p.27), Individualism vs. Collectivism (p.36), Commercialism vs. Sustainability (p.43) ,Structure vs Fluidity (p.51), Growth vs. Degrowth (p.60), Closure vs. Reinvention (p.68) and Brand & Business Takeaways (p.75).

Where I’ll be buying my books moving forward. ‘Bookshop.org, which launched in the US earlier this year, has accelerated UK plans and goes online this week in partnership with more than 130 shops.’

Extraordinary example of data visualisation: This Voting Map – Land doesn’t vote, people do. Scroll down to see animation (HT @mitchwhitten ).

From Wunderman Thompson. ‘The future of sports promises a new era of opportunity for brands. 2020 saw professional sports brought to a standstill, with seasons interrupted and trophies hanging in the balance for months. But while sports have now resumed, nothing is the same. The ongoing challenge of combating the coronavirus pandemic continues to drive profound and rapid change in the world of sport.’

The Economist provide a weekly email explaining and demonstrating how their front cover image is chosen. An interesting examination of the week’s lead news story, brought to life visually. This week it is When Every Vote Counts.

A determined ballet dancer makes lockdown sparkle in this Amazon Christmas spot. The show must go on. 

I’m sure many of us will have been glued to streaming news channels over the last few days (and nights). Here, a presenter’s quick maths led to an extraordinary live TV moment.

From Aeon. ‘The need to touch’. The language of touch binds our minds and bodies to the broader social world. What happens when touch becomes taboo?

Presidential spiritual adviser Paula White led an impassioned prayer service in an effort to secure Trump’s re-election. You can see this here and (if you prefer) below that is a version with a cat dancing to an Eminem soundtrack. 

A racoon herding goats.