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Ten Stories From This Week

29th November 2020

If you need a calming break from work this simple mindfulness site allows you to go stargazing, lie in a meadow, or explore a forest. (HT @neilperkin)

Bitcoin at $100,000 in 2021? Outrageous to some, a no-brainer for backers.

From Wired. The Ethics of Rebooting the Dead.The notion of resurrecting people as digital entities is becoming less hypothetical. But just because something can be done, doesn’t mean it should be.

Spotify are now experimenting with letting influencers post stories to introduce their playlists.

On a busy Monday afternoon in late October, a line of people in reflective vests stood on Happiness Avenue, in downtown Beijing. This was a performance staged by the artist Deng Yufeng, who was trying to demonstrate how difficult it was to dodge CCTV cameras in the Chinese capital.

From Time Out. Revealed: British accents are the world’s sexiest.

Wonderful. A couple in New Zealand shunned developers to give 900 hectares of pristine land to the nation.

For the launch of Anheuser Busch-Inbev’s new blonde beer Victoria, the strategy was to confront the competition head on. Victoria is ABI’s challenger brand to the world-famous Belgian beer Duvel, which means Devil in Flemish. So, the launch campaign offers ‘Victoria The Angel’, to challenge the devils and invite consumers to make a new choice. (47″)

From Creative Review. ‘Scarfolk’s dystopian travel guide is a fitting tribute to our turbulent times. Everyone’s favourite Orwellian time warp is hoping to capitalise on the boom in staycations with a printed guide to the area’s ‘outstanding unnatural brutality’.

Love this commercial take on the classic Singin’ in the Rain, from Burberry. They say – ‘It’s about that fearless spirit and imagination when pushing boundaries.‘ I’m not going to argue with that. (1″59″)