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Ten Stories From This Week

4th September 2021

From Flowing Data. Researchers asked 10,000 participants to list ten things that recently made them happy. The result was HappyDB, a collection of 100,000 happy moments.Counting Happiness and Where it Comes From. 

How equality slipped away. For 97 per cent of human history, all people had about the same power and access to goods. How did inequality ratchet up?

“Sanctuaries of Silence” takes you on a virtual journey into one of Earth’s last remaining bastions of true quiet — the Hoh Rain Forest, in Washington State. Shot in beautifully immersive 360 video. (7’19”)

‘They deserve a place in history’: a map of female composers. This interactive tool features more than 500 women who are often forgotten in the classical music world.

I know this divides opinion, but I love it. From Dave Trott –‘The language used in art galleries would do anyone in marketing proud. (Clue: “The accumulation of impressions produced by this ambulatory impulse” means footprints)’.

From Tricycle. ‘For Philip Glass, the celebrated American composer, pianist, and Tibetan Buddhist practitioner, music comes from the deeper recesses of the mind that are inaccessible in ordinary waking consciousness. A piece of music may arise out of a moment of total meditative absorption—an “intensity of attention” that eliminates all self-awareness. Or it may come from a dream state, and one wakes up with a piece of music clear in his mind.

A Hollywood style sign welcomes Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenny to Wrexham, Wales.

The 26 most beautiful towns in America.

Beautifully done- The Tokyoiter. A celebration of Tokyo artists, designers and illustrators whilst also paying tribute to the New Yorker. (HT @presentcorrect)

Possibly the best Venn Diagram ever…..?