A Street Wisdom Adventure in Marylebone

9th Sept 2014

I ran a #street_wisdom adventure ( http://www.streetwisdom.org ) with the very wonderful people from Future Publishing, this week

We spent some relaxing and contemplative time in a few peaceful residential streets east of Marylebone station and west of Gloucester Place

We had a whole range of questions for the street, such as –

What can be my new hobby?  Should I move into town or out to the country?  How can I get out of the rat race and follow my passion?  I’d like to move my family to a warm climate – how can I make this real?  I’m stuck in a bit of a rut and would like to bring my dream to life?  I’d like to get even more happiness in my life

I’d like to learn some relaxation tips and finally – I’m moving to Buenos Aires –what can I do there?


Inspired by the session, someone who never plays the lottery, bought a lottery ticket. We are waiting to see if we have a #street_wisdom winner !!!

…and Jack (who is moving to Argentina) now plans to run Street Wisdom Adventures there!!

We found many answers to our questions and saw lots of great things –

We started in a square that was the original location of Lords Cricket Ground (thanks for this info John!! ) and is now a rather peaceful garden



The hedge around the square was being tended to, by the rather charming master topiarist and photographer Mario –


We saw loads of other surprising stuff –

A closed down pub, that had an external bookshelf outside – battered by the weather, but hanging on….

The pub –


The book shelf ( some good reads on there! )


The Gloucester Arms. A very old pub that closed down ten years ago…….


and is now part of a girls school – the Francis Holland


Apparently the school motto is That our daughters may be as the polished corners of the Temple…Established in 1870

St Cyprian – a wonderful Gothic revival church built in 1903 and dedicated to the eponymous 3rd century martyr and Bishop of Carthage.


And finally…. the mews garage where the first Bentley was built , in 1909


Thanks to Nat, Jo, James, John, Andrew, Grace, Jack and David for making it such a marvellous Marylebone afternoon!!

Nick Hammond  @digital_filter

For more information on Street wisdom Adventures please see –  http://www.streetwisdom.org