Stories We’ve Enjoyed This Week

31st Jan 2020

McCann London has created ‘The Rough Guide to Xbox’ – the first travel guidebook for gaming worlds – to show off the beauty of the virtual places you can visit.

‘When I listen to podcasts, I find myself thinking more about the ads than the actual content of what I’m listening to. It’s not impossible to skip through podcast ads, but it doesn’t really behoove you. At about 30 seconds to a minute, it makes more sense to let the advertisements wash over you…’ Podcast ads are a very hot trend in media right now.

Contagious on Insight and Strategy. How and why great campaigns get made.

From Marketing Week. ‘Long-form content is making a comeback on social media, with brands writing extended Instagram captions and producing lengthier video material. But just how interested are consumers in a deeper dive?’

‘Like the generation of leaves, the lives of mortal men.
Now the wind scatters the old leaves across the earth,
now the living timber bursts with the new buds
and spring comes round again. And so with men:
as one generation comes to life, another dies away.’
Homer, ‘The Iliad’ –   
Trojan Business: Can an Ancient Myth Teach Contemporary Lessons?

From Benedict Evans. ‘Every year, I produce a big presentation digging into macro and strategic trends in the tech industry. This year, ‘Standing on the shoulders of giants’ looks at what it means that 4bn people have a smartphone; we connected everyone, and now we wonder what the Next Big Thing is…

Is your reaction too intense to be expressed in an emoji or gif? Try using driving directions… 

From Wanderlust, Top secret trails: 6 hidden walks from around the world. From simple strolls to days-long hikes, these secret trails allow you to tackle unexplored territory across the globe. Explore Taiwan, Ecuador and beyond, as recommended by their top travel experts…

The NBA All-Time Top Scorers. 

The Sun’s convulsing surface at a level of detail never seen before. The cell-like structures are roughly the size of the US State of Texas – convecting masses of hot, excited gas, or plasma.