Stories We’ve Enjoyed This Week

25th Jan 2020

Netflix has bumped Aldi off the top spot on the BrandIndex, a YouGov barometer that ranks brands on their “buzz” – a position that Aldi has occupied for the past five years.…and Wired thinks that Netflix’s Studio Ghibli streaming deal is a stroke of genius. Hayao Miyazaki’s films are a perfect antidote for our troubled era.

Tim Harford, believes that 10 years of social media have left us less well off. But he caveats..’I should not exaggerate. This isn’t 1984. Partisan news sources were popular long before we self-selected into online echo chambers. Propaganda is not new. And there are benefits from social media: it gives a platform to all sorts of people who deserve to be heard. But it is hard to make the case that social media has led to a more thoughtful, rigorous or compassionate discourse about politics.’

From Contagious –The World’s Best Strategy. Inc. Nike, Black & Abroad, Microsoft, Burger King, Coke and the FT. 

JWT’s take on CES 2020. Including, auditory health,sex tech, pet tech, travel tech and entertainment futures. In this last space, Quibi sounds interesting. Introducing their “quick bite” entertainment platform, when it launches in April 2020, the service will offer a slate of movies, reality TV, unscripted documentaries and news programs released in 5- to 10-minute snackable segments. Co-founder is Jeffrey Katzenberg.

The event is going to be smaller this year, for obvious reasons, but this graph shows just how big Chinese New Year is. The World’s Largest Migration.

Google has designed an envelope you can use to hide your phone from yourself. The envelope only lets you use the phone’s dialer.

This brilliant idea, from 2013, popped up again recently. As fresh now as it was then. calls for hurricanes to be named after climate change deniers.

Interesting piece from @Faris. Consider the Creme egg: Mondelez looks to streaming. ‘ The 2020 communication approach will drop the mainstay medium of broadcast television in favour of running ads on Youtube, Facebook and outdoor media, which will be used to replace lost reach, while the budget stays the same.’

Fortnite gamers swap taking lives for saving lives in International Red Cross game mode.

Following a recent Twitter thread, thousands of people shared stories of finding deceased friends and family members. This is Grieving With Google Street View.

From Spotify. The Sound of Everything. A map showing one song from every genre they currently track.

‘The worst lie since Santa’: why Carpool Karaoke is TV’s biggest con.

Expedia releases a tactical Canada Ad following Harry and Meghan’s news.

XKCD on choosing the right emotional tone for your unsubscribe message.

Marketoonist on brainstorming customer satisfaction metrics. Let’s keep ideas to things we can actually control…

The Sound of Berlin. A video using original sounds of the city. 6 days of shooting, 850 sounds, in one minute.