Stories We’ve Enjoyed This Week

17th Jan 2020

Out of Mediacom : A marketers lens on CES 2020. Featuring – retail, digital health, content, vehicle technology and connected living.

Attended Campaign’s preview of 2020 this week. One of the standout presentations was from Enders Analysis – The Decade Ahead. You can access the deck here.…and here, Julian Cole (@planningdirty) has aggregated all the key 2020 trend reports in one place.

‘The tech giants have as much money and influence as nations. So what if we reported on them like countries? What would Apple be? A liberal China…’ Welcome to Apple. A one party state.

Martin Weigel on how corporations are filling a vacuum left by late-stage capitalist societies and the need more than ever for what he calls ‘radical imagination’.

According to this study, more than 100 brands have had adverts running on YouTube that were actively promoting climate misinformation. The brands, including Samsung, L’Oreal and Decathlon, were unaware that their adverts were being played before and during the videos...and here is Tortoisemedia’s  – ‘Corporate 100 Responsibility Index’. Good companies need to be good citizens too…(Unilever is top…)

Courtesy of Contagious. Q3 and Q4 2019 – the world’s best creative.

‘Most climate scientists agree we will have to find ways to take carbon out of the atmosphere even after cutting emissions to net zero. If not, excess CO2 left in the air will go on warming it for about 100 years. Can the world’s wide open spaces deliver a solution to climate armageddon?’ – Plant A Trillion Trees.

Apparently, Google Chrome is dropping third-party cookies in 2 years. Google is betting that its Privacy Sandbox – the privacy-preserving API first unveiled in August – will build functionality that replaces third-party cookies.

Nat Geo on why the skyscrapers of the future may be made out of wood.

From Nick Cave. A short piece on creative bravery. ‘With your new sound, you don’t fear losing old fans?’

Daniel Craig pays homage to James Bond role in this new Heineken advert.

This is rather fun. According to this visual post there are only 10 types of movies, including black and orange, red dress, eye and leaning couple….

Funny and nicely observed from BBC Wales. If high st shopping was like online shopping. Hi there! Can I have a couple of bread rolls please…..?