Stories We’ve Enjoyed This Week

15th December 2019

  1. TikTok has been downloaded 1.5 billion times; outperforming Instagram as the fastest growing social platform. This deck contains 13 of the best branded content examples on TikTok, from the last 4 months. These were chosen based on the brands’ success in bringing the brand idea to life on the platform. TikTok Top 100: Celebrating the videos and creative community that made TikTok so lovable in 2019
  2. Most Contagious Report 2019. ‘Advice (sort of) for the next decade; insights and strategy behind the most successful campaigns at Cannes this year; 4 things to put on your to do list for 2020; the 25 most Contagious Campaigns 2019 ;and the smartest quotes from Contagious Magazine.’ 
  3. From The Guardian. Twenty tech trends for 2020. ‘From new gaming consoles to activism at Apple, we predict the things you will – or won’t see in tech this year’
  4. Deliveroo has claimed that it is the second-best delivery service in theUK – behind midwives – in its first-ever Christmas campaign, which promotes its drive to donate funds to University College London Hospital, this festive season.
  5. From Marketoonist. Long Live Marketing….. 
  6. A heartwarming animated tale about a bumblebee named Hanna, who seems to live in a world where bees have forgotten how to fly…and her friends must take flying lessons in the classroom, but all to no avail as they fall flat on their faces every time.’
  7. Google’s Year in Search (2′.05″ video)
  8. Stephen Sondheim, at nearly 90, is having a new heyday. Songs by theBroadway composer and lyricist are popping up in films and TV shows from Joker to Marriage Story.
  9. Those familiar with the book The Terror, will be familiar with this and interesting to hear performed in practice. ‘Inuit throat singing is half performance, half game, and wholly mesmerising.‘ (3 minute video)
  10. Wonderful. A low budget Christmas Ad for a local Welsh store is giving John Lewis a run for its money. 
  11. At MS Society carol concert in the week, Kit Harrington read ‘Christmas’- a poem by former Poet Laureate, SirJohn Betjeman. Here the author reads it himself, and invites us share his wit and his deeply Christian sentiment. Whatever one’s beliefs this is beautiful stuff. ‘can with this single truth compare – that God was man in Palestine and lives today in bread and wine’.