Stories We’ve Enjoyed This Week

28th Feb 2020

Powerful. Cynthia Nixon has been praised for fronting a powerful video about the immense pressures women face in society today. The short film was produced for Girls. Girls. Girls. magazine and sees the Sex and the City actor recite a blog written by Camille Rainville in 2017, titled “Be a lady, they said”.

Another smart piece from (friend of The Filter) Future Strategy Club‘All that is solid melts into air – Karl Marx nailed the 2020s with this statement. Certainly everything we thought of as solid is melting away. Geopolitical, economic and environmental change is firmly on the agenda and there seems to be a way to go before anything settles down. Here is link to download FSC White Paper – Weathering The Storm Of Disruption. 

HT @here_forth. LinkedIn is to launch a stories product (and yes, it’ll be terrible……).

Chipotle’s new slogan is isn’t sensitive or subtle, but it is memorable.

Courtesy, of the Street Wisdom Newsletter – Why do writers enjoy walking so much? and  – great things happen to your brain, when you look up and out’. 

8 petits films “hommage” ou “à la manière” de Tim Burton, présentés à la Cinémathèque. These may not cheer you up, but they are charming and beautiful.

An A-Z of words that defined the internet in the 2010s.

A subject very close to my heart. ‘My Sclerosis’ is a short film that was written, directed and produced by Stash Capar. Stash was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2011 and after an understandably rough time with the condition, his mindset changed in 2019. He felt that he was in a place where he could open up about his experiences and potentially connect to others living with MS. So, Stash made a film.

HT @neilperkin. ‘Sure, modern life is awful. But just occasionally a reporter accidentally activates a filter on his phone and doesn’t realise it.’

Simply wonderful (ht@davidpearlhere). Jon Bon Jovi  park singing by a guy.