Stories From This Week

8th March 2020

Happy International Women’s Day! A couple of related pieces to share. From @traceyfutures – In celebration of #IWD2020  you can download her FREE ebook of interviews with some of the leading futurists worldwide. What do they have in common? They’re all women. And…here is Cyborg Shamanism, a New Manifesto for Womxn as part of the Sony Music UK and Broccoli Content Anthems Project. Anthems is a series of 31 original manifestos and rallying cries from 31 womxn across Britain.

From Mark Ritson in Marketing Week. Coronavirus: good or bad for Corona’s sales? ‘It’s a venal question given the current state of the pandemic and the tragic loss of life that has occurred, and will occur in the months to come. But it is, none the less, a fascinating one for marketers. Where do you stand? Your answer very much depends on how you balance the importance of a brand’s salience versus its image.’

From Julian Cole at Planning Dirty. ‘This Brand Architecture Models deck is Advil to your brand portfolio headaches’ . Brought to life simply and engagingly via a few visual examples. The Brand Architecture Continuum includes – Master Brand, Hybrid and House of Brands.

What Comes After TV? Snapchat is making hyper-condensed shows specifically to watch on a smartphone.

Fast Company with the 5 most dystopian technologies of 2020 and beyond. Including – cybercriminals and ransomware; editable genes, CRISPR and gene drives; misinformation and deep-fakes; artificially intelligent computers; and social media-enabled polarisation machines.

Some really nice elements in this. From The Drum – How to use experiential to embed rich memories. 

Fascinating. The Curiosity Rover captures a 1.8 gigapixel panorama of Mars.

Following my trip to Japan last year, I heartily endorse this perspective – ‘I just got back from my first trip to Japan, and I’m now in love with the country. The ramen, yakitori and sushi. The gorgeous volcanoes. The fascinating people and culture. But of all the things I fell in love with, there’s one that I can’t stop thinking about: the toilets.’ And…this is why America Is losing the toilet race.

Likely to become an increasingly important subject in the coming months. How to work from home without losing your mind.

These activists use makeup to defy mass surveillance. ‘London is the second most surveilled city in the world. Dazzle Club is the activism group using anti-facial recognition paint to raise awareness around this.’

Whitney Houston’s new hologram tour Is proof that virtual beings & volumetric performances are going mainstream.

When the postmaster of Sumami, Japan noticed the city needed a boost of tourism, he developed an interesting solution. He put a post box near the coast of the fishing town hoping that the novelty would attract divers from around the world and pique the curiosity of people everywhere.