Stories From This Week

6th February 2021

From Harvard Business Review. ‘The past year has been marked by anger, fear, and grief. None of these feelings is particularly easy for most of us to feel, and it can be tempting to try to bypass them by suppressing, escaping, or acting impulsively. Not only are these avoidant approaches ineffective, they can harm our health, well-being, and personal and professional relationships. Now is a great time to start practicing Mindfulness. (ht @the_mindfilter)

At $183,000 per second, according to Digg, here are the 2021 Super Bowl commercials worth watching. Including – Amazon, Uber Eats, Squarespace, a few car and loads of beer brands.

The annual Great Unbundling deck from Benedict Evans is always great but also very long. Great if you have time to run through it, but if not here is a thread with ten selected slides.

From friend of The Filter, Fluxx, a very nice piece about the future of cities. New year, new cities — and some hope for 2021. 

‘For sure, we will witness large-scale changes and unexpected events in the next decade. One of the biggest drivers of change will be exponential technologies. Wired experts talk of Mars colonies, a permanent moon base, accelerated genome sequencing, little nuclear power plants, and a possible climate apocalypse.’ Is this how the world will look in 2030?

Spotify has patented technology that will allow it to analyse your voice and suggest songs based on your “emotional state, gender, age, or accent”.

The Simpsons intro, recreated using only stock footage.You may remember they did their own live action version, a few years back. 

If things are getting to you, this may help –

‘From majestic landscapes, intimate animal portraits and intriguing night-time views beneath the ocean’s surface, to glimpses of cultures across the world, the winning images from Travel Photographer of the Year 2020 present a view of life on our planet at a time in which travel has been difficult or impossible.’ And, still on the travel slant, I like this short – Valley Of The Shadow : A journey through some of the empty and wild places out west. (2’48”)

Finally, here is BBC Football Focus’s take on Jackie Weaver. (ht @lukehammond01)