Stories From This Week

26th June 2020

From FastCompany. Race isn’t a social construct. It’s an ad campaign. ‘People much smarter than me can expound on how we got here. But it’s wild. An evil strategy and inventive executions, have brainwashed us for over 300 years.’

Mark Pollard’s take on how insights can shed new light on problems.From problem to insight.

Is your teen texting about this? How TikTok explains Gen Z culture and communication.

From Cannes Lions and WARC. ‘How can we, as an industry, become more consistently successful at highly effective creative marketing? These bodies, sought to understand how our global community could better share what they have learned about effectiveness, for the sake of continuous creative improvement. This is their answer.

I attended the excellent Group Think Festival – ‘Mental Road Trip’, last week A nice summary deck here with key areas covered.

Harvard Business Review on The Business Case For Curiosity. ‘New research points to three important insights about curiosity as it relates to business.’ First, curiosity is much more important to an enterprise’s performance than was previously thought ; Second, by making small changes to the design of their organisations and the ways they manage their employees, leaders can encourage curiosity—and improve their companies; and Third – although leaders might say they treasure inquisitive minds, in fact most stifle curiosity, fearing it will increase risk and inefficiency.

The pandemic will change how we watch sports. Real sports have scrambled to keep fans happy with electronic versions—and they might stick around for good.

Seasteading. Beloved by Silicon Valley tycoons and tyranny-fearing libertarians, are cities atop the waves Earth’s next frontier?

This year, a virtual, CogX 2020 ‘set its sights on solving the challenges that the next 10 years will bring.’ Key trends discussed included – Gen Z Prosumers, Re-skilling the workforce, Rethinking education and Healthonomics.

The legendary Dolly Parton, narrates “Nashville’s Next Hit,” a video that pays tribute to the passion, resilience and tenacity of the city amid its efforts to recover from devastating tornadoes that struck in March and themore recent coronavirus lockdown, which has hit musicians particularly hard.

The most popular yoga and meditation apps. I thought Headspace would be top, but no.

Very cool. Optical SoundsystemsWhat if you could see the way music travels around your home?

Very true for me, walking Elliot (the dog) over The Downs in recent weeks. ‘Many of us have long dismissed this gentle, approachable activity for more adrenaline-pumping forms of exercise. We’ve been missing out big-time’  – walking is making a major comeback. 

The year the earth stopped.

Unsubscribe: The $0-budget movie that topped the US box office.

An ‘auditory illusion’ has gone viral after blowing the internet’s minds. The audio in the clip isn’t actually getting higher in pitch, despite what it sounds like.