Stories From This Week

8th May 2020

Martin Sorrell on the shape of the Covid-19 recession. He predicts ‘a “reverse square root”. So that’s a sharp downturn, then a rapid partial rebound before a plateau at a lower level than previously. But the picture varies by sector – while entertainment and leisure is hard hit, cash-rich tech companies are taking the opportunity to invest in brand. FMCG companies are holding up better than many, and moving money online, while healthcare is (unsurprisingly) relatively unaffected.’..and in the same space, here is my piece published yesterday – The (Animal) Spirit of Recovery.

Contagious are doing some good free Lockdown Learning sessions at themoment. Here is the video from the session this week (key elements in first 30 minutes) ‘Culture Framework for Brands’. Areas addressed included Behaviours, Values and Interests.

A couple of great case studies from New York Public Library, the second of which features in the presentation above – 1) Missing sounds of New York: an auditory love letter to New Yorkers and 2)  How the NYPL brought classic novels to Instagram. 

From The Monday Note – Tech will return to work, but habits will be changed forever. “It will basically be like when you come to the office on a weekend or late at night: boring, sinister. Plus you will have to wear a mask most of the time. You will order your meal that will be delivered right to your desk. Also, why risk the hazard of being contaminated in public transportation or getting drawn into traffic with more people taking their car, to face such a dehumanized workplace?

From Think With Google. Marketing measurement during a pandemic. 

Wunderman Thompson’s Intelligence Brief for May. Including : TheBusiness of Health, Purified Design, Alcohol Revival, Virtual Gatherings and Renewed Faith. On the subject of faith, this Thursday saw thecelebration of Vesak (Buddha) Day. As with other religions, Buddhism has been benefitting from increased interest during the current crisis, as highlighted here – Buddhists turn to Internet for e-Vesak Day during pandemic.

Culture Trip advises on the oldest newspapers in the world. The title goes to……Relation aller Fürnemmen und gedenckwürdigen Historien (1605).

Nice, visual piece from Creative Review on Exploring the enduring influence of heraldry in design.

Lovely. Using TikTok to make ambient music. As mentioned on thepiece, resonant of Brian Eno’s – Music For Airports. 

This is quite the unusual Ad for a bicycle brand. The new YT IZZO trail bike launched on 17th April with a short (and pretty bloody) anime inspired film. 

Florian Schneider, one of the architects of Kraftwerk has sadly passed away. For a reminder, or just a refresher, of their music; here from TheGuardian are their 30 best songs ranked. Interestingly, The Model is only in at number 17.

The wonderful Esther’s Follies show, from Austin, Texas brings us Quarantine Pie (after Don McLean). HT to Tommy Woods.

‘Conference’ a short video on Vimeo is a comedy short inspired by Covid -19 and boredom and here, highly amusing -‘The Office’ Meets Zoom, in this comedy about coronavirus-era video-conferencing’.

Spot the robot is reminding parkgoers in Singapore to keep their distance from one another.