Life Clubs ‘Host Of The Week’ – Jo Henwood

This piece courtesy of Nina Grunfeld of Life Clubs

Grab a mug of your favourite tea, settle into your favourite chair and take some time to think about you…

… and meet another wonderful human being –

‘Hey Jo’,

Jo is a wonderful laugher. I love it… She laughs all the time – loudly and contagiously – and so Jo seemed a perfect Life Clubs host to introduce you too in the week of the International Day of Happiness. Jo runs the club in Leatherhead and really hopes you’ll join her or tell all your friends about her (if they live near Leatherhead, that is). Anyone will get a warm and wonderful welcome.

We asked Jo a few questions so that you could get to know her better. Also Jo’s next workshop is on April 4th in the evening, kick-starting our Eliminating Problems month.

1. What would your perfect holiday be?
I have 3 teenage boys who get on really well together, and aren’t yet much interested in girls or parties so are still happy to come on holiday with their Mum and Dad. So holidays, even days out, with the family are my top favourite.

I also have an amazing group of close friends nicknamed ‘The Squad’ and we go away together for birthday celebrations and any other excuse we can find. Always very fun happy days with those guys.

2. What type of music do you like?
I love high energy, happy, dance-y music. I was a big clubber in my youth and, if I can muster the energy, I am now and again these days as well, although I tend to wear trainers otherwise my feet hurt! I love Ibiza chill music and Hed Kandi dance music and artists like Alexander O’Neal and Daft Punk.

3. What type of books do you like to read?
I always remember Daniel Pink saying you know what you really want to do for work if you look at what you do and read in your spare time. In my corporate role I always read books about spirituality, psychology and behavioural economics. Now that I work for myself – and Life Clubs – I am able to activate these learnings in my work. I am currently reading Brendan Burchard’s book High Performance Habits where he shares his lessons on coaching senior executives.

4. What is your favourite sport?
With a house full of men and boys there is sport showing most of the time on the TV or radio. My husband does a lot of work with destinations in the US so we are layering American sports on top of the British ones. Two of my sons play rugby and football and I watch them play as much as I can.

I am a regular at the gym preferring (no surprises) the dance type classes. I am also a member at the local tennis club and play when I can. Cardio tennis is a relatively new activity that is really fun and reminds me of school PE lessons where you have to line up a lot – but in this case we are allowed to chat.

5. One thing we should know about you?
I also own and play the bongos and have a fine selection of percussion instruments which go back to my clubbing days when I went out with a percussionist who both taught me to play, and who I accompanied on stage at times when we used to duet – he played the Congas and I played the bongos.

Thank you, Jo.

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Luxembourg is still hosting our Building Better Habits workshop this weekend – book your train now…, otherwise we’ve moved into our April calendar and Eliminating Problems workshop.

Our very best wishes for a great week from Annie, Damaris, Ingrid, Jean Michel, Jo, Katharine, Louisa, Natanje, Sarah and me.

Really looking forward to seeing you soon.