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My TED Talk on mindfulness, creativity and finding inspiration in unexpected places.

How Street Wisdom Changed My Life

Video Of The Week

22nd August 2021

Blip is a short 2D animation that explores the topic of digital addiction, an issue increasing year by year and especially during the pandemic lockdown. (1′ 12′)

Video Of The Week

14th August 2021

This dog has the best method for going downstairs



Video Of The Week

7th August 2021

Interview with a Horse after the Olympic Dressage.

Video Of The Week

18th July 2021

Just marvellous. This quirky Pedigree campaign imagines thefantastical former lives of shelter pets. (1′:00″)



Video Of The Week

10th July 2021

Magnum gives poet Dante and muse Beatrice a kiss to remember for International Kissing Day (6th July). Over 700 years ago Dante fell in love with his muse Beatrice and some of his most famous works were inspired by her. But despite his dedication, their love never happened. To celebrate Dante’s anniversary and International Kissing Day, Magnum, the brand that is about pleasure and art, has finally brought them together. (1’28”)