We are all watching the ‘R’ Number, but let’s not forget about the ‘M’ Number

6th January 2021

Our battle with coronavirus is clearly still ongoing, despite the advent of available vaccines. There is some way to go with the effects likely to last well into the future.

The direct, Covid related, impact of the disease on our health is communicated clearly on a daily basis, but the pandemic is impacting other areas of our well-being including that of mental health, that are less well publicised.

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The Mindful Tourist

18th December 2020

This piece published on the Just Breathe Project – The Mindful Tourist. 

For those who love to travel,  a big question for the (near) future will be – when will we be able to travel ‘properly’ again? Where can we go and what will the world of travel and tourism look like?

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Where’s Your C-Spot?

November 3rd 2020

See this article published on the Just Breathe Project website.

What is your relationship with curiosity? Do you dare to think expansively or do you shelter in what you know? Nick Hammond explains why we should be regularly feeding our curious selves.

I recently read an article about curiosity, quoting research concerning brain activity. It observed that we are ‘most curious when we feel the need to recall something that we are close to remembering.’ This is commonly known as the ‘tip of the tongue’ phenomenon.

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