10 Stories We Have Enjoyed This Week

3rd June 2016

Science fiction is full of bots that hurt people. HAL 9000 kills one astronaut and tries to kill another in 2001: A Space Odyssey; Ava in Ex Machina expertly manipulates the humans she meets to try and escape her cell. But what about the new wave or Bots? How powerful are they and how likely are they to do us harm? From How We Get To Next, The Bot Power List 2016. At the top of the charts? – Google Now.

Dementia Citizens, from @nesta_uk , is a new project that aims to help people with dementia and those who care for them. Using apps on smartphones and tablets, people with dementia and carers can enjoy activities that also contribute to dementia research.

Large chunks of the online world are faking their location to avoid censors, or steal movies. The top culprits are Indonesia (41%) and Thailand (39%). This infographic reveals the Internet’s Stateless Ghosts.

Mobile adblocking is on a steep ascent globally. From @emarketeer – ‘Twenty-one percent of the world’s smartphone users are using mobile ad blocking browsers, which are mobile browsers that block ads by default.’

From the always insightful Russell Davies (@undermanager) and @wired. On its 29th Birthday : 29 Reasons to love Powerpoint……

Should be some interesting stuff here, as Vanity Fair launches Hive, a new mobile site devoted to Wall Street, Washington and Silicon Valley.

Apparently, 85% of Facebook video advertising is watched without sound.

From Think With Google  – Time Pressure : Behavioural Science Considerations for Mobile Marketing. ‘Given that time pressure creates a narrowing of attentional focus, people are less likely to consider a larger array of options and product attributes. (It is also) critical for marketers to continue to invest in brand building and subsequently be there with their product or message when people are making (quick) decisions.

From @contagious, their list of ‘Cannes Contenders’. Here are some videos of possible winners at the upcoming Cannes Lions creativity awards, 18th-24th June. Including an Australian underwear brand, a Japanese cosmetics brand and Barbie.

So big it looks like two men in an alligator suit? An enormous ‘gator takes a lazy stroll across a Florida golf course.